Billie Eilish Shared a Nike Optical Illusion With Instagram Followers

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Billie Eilish Shared a Nike Optical Illusion With Instagram Followers

Billie Eilish is throwing it back to simpler times, also shared an optical illusion using societal media followers who referenced “The Dress.” It’s been five decades since the net came together to get the best fashion discussion of the time, and Billie is ready to deliver it back, 2020 style.

Participating within an Instagram Q+A with followers on her narrative, Billie was asked for her take on the apparel. Instead of picking one of the 2 sets of colours — black and blue, or gold and white — she made the situation that the dress was blue and golden, asserting she was ready to demonstrate it. 

She subsequently shared her own second of style optical illusions, telling followers years before, she had been sporting a set of Nike sneakers her dad thought were white and pink, confirming they’re really green and whitened. 

But after showing lovers the sneakers, Billie was shocked to discover that many really agreed with her dad. Grabbing a Google Image screenshot of the real shoes, which can be of those Nike Air More Uptempo lineup, Billie demonstrated that the sneakers are really white and mint. Mind, dismissed.

Billie continued to assert that the shoes weren’t pink, pointing out additional pictures, and imagining that she wore the shoes for photoshoots together with her trademark green clothes items. She then finished the Q+A session with fans within their “nonsense,” along with also the excellent shoe disagreement has been abandoned unfinished.

As for followers Twitter, some still have been undecided about the shade, writing, “Every time I look at Billie Eilish’s story those shoes are a different colour” and “Billie Eilish getting into a heated argument over the colour of her shoes is one of the highlights of my day.” Some were abandoned exceptionally perplexed, wondering, “Where is the green meant to be?” and “Literally my eyes have been playing games with @billieeilish ‘s shoes on Insta. I see pink and then I see mint. I don’t understand how my eyes keep changing the colors of the shoes”

See the shoes to yourself through her Story, below.




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