Bill Nye is Sterile

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Bill Nye is pissed

“When it’s science fair time in your elementary school,” he explained, “What does everybody do? They make a volcano, right?” That time-honored tradition is one of those projects you will have the ability to make in the kit, along with another interesting and recognizable experiments that Nye will guide your child with a few AR popups should you point your phone in the publication. Stick your phone to the VR goggles, as well as your little one may go to a volcano or visit a classroom and science laboratory in VR with all the Science Guy himself. “It’s what you’d expect from a modern virtual reality experience,” he explained.

The Bill Nye VR science kit can be obtained on Amazon (and shortly on Target) for $60, and it features equipment like test tubes, and a beaker, volcano moldand food coloring in addition to a simple VR headset plus a book having augmented reality bonus content. 

Nye teamed up with toy manufacturer Abacus on his apparel, and the company pointed out is “the first Bill Nye authorized VR science kit ever to be produced.” Nye didn’t simply slap his name on a product, possibly. He provided input on which jobs to be included and in what sequence, and provided his voice to get the content in addition to a number of the writing. “You’re listening to Uncle Bill tell you these amazing things,” he explained.

Many people may have grown up observing Uncle Bill on TV, but nowadays, the Science Guy reaches his crowd through trendier platforms such as TikTok along with his Science Rules podcast. ) Nye has 4.7 million followers and nearly 20 million likes on TikTok. His clips are somewhat just like a less-produced variant of the TV series, instructing viewers things such as the rationale behind different skin colours. 


“There’s the possibility of some real instruction or getting a message across [on TikTok],” Nye said. If it is just one simple notion, he considers the platform may be effective. But he cautioned, “It’s cool but it’s not the answer to all of our problems, everybody.”

And there are lots of issues in the world these days, one of which can be net access. “When I’m king of the forest, which is a ways off, to be sure,” Nye stated, he’d prefer the world wide web to be a general utility. 

With his standing as the Science Guy, Nye can also be unsurprisingly worried about the approaching elections in America. “Science is on the ballot this year. Science is something you’re voting for,” he said, urging people to vote. He pointed out three things he needs for everyone on the planet to own: “Clean water, renewably produced electricity that’s reliable and access to the internet.”

Bill Nye VR Science Kit


“If we can provide those three things then we can do the ultimate thing,” he explained. “We can raise the standard of living of girls and women around the world.” By supplying these items, also, Nye considers “we will address climate change and everything else all at once.”

But to perform that, we will want more scientists working on the issues, which brings us back into the VR kit. “I hope that with Bill Nye’s VR lab, we’ll get a start on that,” he explained. Nye’s lovers, be certain that you check out all of the items Nye chatted with us around from the video above or the latest installment of this Engadget Podcast. 

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