Best Home Warranty Companies in South Carolina

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Best Home Warranty Companies in South Carolina

A South Carolina home guarantee can keep you from paying costly repair or replacement costs as soon as an important home thing, such as your electric system, trash disposal, garage door opener, or water heater, fails from routine usage.

To create your house guarantee search simpler, the This Old House Reviews team compared a number of companies in South Carolina to discover the ideal service contract for your house coverage requirements. Read to find out what your best choices are.

Top Home Warranty Companies in South Carolina

When discovering the ideal home warranty companies in South Carolina, our staff looked at rates of policy, pricing, business reputation, customer testimonials, and much more. Here are the best three recommended picks.

1. ) American Home Shield

American Home Shield (AHS) is notorious for providing comprehensive coverage and allowing customers to construct their own home warranty program. They’re a veteran from the home warranty business and have been in business for over 45 years.

AHS Pros and Cons

Provides generous policy capsHas that a Brief repair warranty of 30 times
Allows customers to choose their own service fee ($75, $100, or $125)Doesn’t allow customers choose their particular service contractor
Offers reductions on name brand appliances

American Home Shield provides four homeowner strategies –a Systems Plan, Appliances Plan, Combo Plan, and Build-Your-Own Plan.

  • Systems Plan–Protects 12 important systems such as your own air conditioner, heating, and electric
  • Appliances Plan–Covers 10 crucial appliances such as your refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven
  • Combo Plan–Provides policy for both appliances and systems
  • Build-Your-Own Plan–Allows customers to pick up to 10 systems and systems to pay

AHS plans vary between $50–$60 a month, with broader coverage falling upon the top end of the spectrum. In addition to your monthly premium, customers might need to pay a service fee, or allowance, whenever a tech comes out to diagnose a repair.

With an American Home Shield program, you have to choose the service fee on your contract. See the way the different service charges change the monthly premiums under:

AHS Plan Pricing

Plans$75 Service Fee$100 Service Fee$125 Service Fee
Plans$75 Service Fee$100 Service Fee$125 Service Fee
Systems Plan$49. 99 a month$39. 99 a month$34. 99 a month
Appliances Plan$49. 99 a month$39. 99 a month$34. 99 a month
Combo Plan$59. 99 a month$49. 99 a month$44. 99 a month

The premium to get a Build-Your-Own Plan varies, but many customers pay $54. 99 per month.

For that a free quotation from American Home Shield, fill this out online form or call 844-529-9298.

2. ) Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty (CHW) supplies two simple strategies at reasonable pricing and is very good for people who have older homes, since the company does not refuse coverage based on the time of your house or on the time of your appliances and systems.

CHW Pros and Cons

Provides customer service 24 hours per day, 7 days a weekNo capability to personalize programs
Most claims processed inside 48 hoursNo alternative in service contractor
Customers get one month free when registering for a strategy

Choice Home Warranty includes a Basic Plan plus also a Total Plan. The Basic Plan covers 14 major systems and systems, and also the Total Plan covers all from the Basic Plan and adds protection for refrigerators, air conditioners, washers, and dryers.

Both Choice Home Warranty programs are below $45 a month and the service prices vary between $60–$85 per claim.

For that a free quotation from Choice Home Warranty, fill this out online form or call 800-495-1292.

3. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

two -10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) is the perfect home warranty for house builders, homeowners, and real estate representatives and is notorious for offsetting costly repair and replacement expenses and providing affordable coverage for new construction houses.

two -10 HBW Pros and Cons

Offers policy for homeowners, real estate agents, and contractorsLimited in-network tech accessibility
Has over 40 years of business expertiseNo starting costs for programs on site
Has a reduced cancellation fee of $25

two -10 Home Buyers Warranty has a number of the most extensive warranty coverage, using an HVAC + Water Heater Plan, Major Appliances Plan, and Everything Together Plan for homeowners, a Workmanship Warranty, Distribution Systems Warranty, and Structural Warranty for contractors, and also a Supreme Protection Plan for realtors.

Here are quotes to your homeowner and realtor intends:

two -10 HBW Plan Pricing

HVAC + Water Heater/Major Appliances PlansEverything Together PlanSupreme Protection
HVAC + Water Heater/Major Appliances PlansEverything Together PlanSupreme Protection
$33. 35 a month$45. 75 a month$45. 00 a month

Note: Customers cover $85 per service request.

For that a free quote from two -10 Home Buyers Warranty, fill this out online form or call 855-498-4719.

Frequently Asked Questions roughly South Carolina Home Warranties

What is not covered under a house warranty?

There are definite things in your house that are not typically coated with a home warranty program. Items like windows, doors, walls, window air conditioning units, and garage doors typically are not covered.

There will also be certain Kinds of damage Which Aren’t categorized as “normal wear and tear,” for example:

  • Pre-present conditions
  • Damage from abuse
  • Improper setup, modification, or maintenance

How much does one South Carolina home guarantee price?

A house warranty prices between $300–$600 annually based on the sort of coverage you select, the size of your house, and in which you reside. Customers are also needed to cover a service call charge between $75–$125 whenever that they ask service for a covered system or appliance.

Do house warranties pay termites?

Home warranties typically only cover house appliances and systems, meaning pest management for termites and bed bugs are not included. However, The Home Service Club does provide pest management in its own Comprehensive Coverage Plan.

Our Conclusion

American Home Shield, Choice Home Warranty, and two -10 Home Buyers Warranty would be the best choices for South Carolina homeowners due to the significant number of affordable coverage options they supply. Before purchasing a house warranty, we recommend obtaining a free quote from all 3 companies so that you can compare pricing specific to your region.

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