Artist Filip Hodas Has Created A Series Of Anatomically Correct Cartoon Skulls

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Artist Filip Hodas Has Created A Series Of Anatomically Correct Cartoon Skulls

Cartoons played a huge part in shaping our amazing childhoods. And although we have all grown up, it goes without saying that people Saturday-dawn displays continue to have a particular place within our hearts. Many people, in reality, reveal our love by amassing as much product of our favorite series or personality as you can. But Filip Hodas, that a 3D artist located in Czech has chosen to pay tribute to the many iconic personalities at a  disturbingly trendy manner.

Hodas’ Cartoon Fossils show started in October 2019. His very first entrance, Canis Goofus — USA, 1932, has earned over 52.2K enjoys since. According into the artist, he also developed the concept soon after he completed his 12-picture Pop Culture Dystopia series. “I was quite burned out and wanted something different,” Hodas shared. So he chose to experiment with one of the favorite topics: skulls. He chose to attempt to make realistic variations of classic characters after producing any skull leaves. “I mixed those ingredients and this is what came out of it.”



Filip Hodas renders 3D, anatomically-correct skulls of legendary characters from various animations

We completely understand Hodas’ fascination with skulls. The skull communicates lots of symbolisms and may vary together with everyone. Symbolically, the skull signifies risk, spirituality, afterlife and needless to say, death.  This has been the reason Alexander McQueen’s designs showcased them . That’s why people view them on warning signals or bottles of toxin. However, Hodas’ motive to be interested by skulls varies tremendously in the style icon. In reality, he clarified his fascination with skulls stems All of the way from youth


“I was really into dinosaurs and their fossils as a little kid. When I got older, I thought skulls were very badass, so I would draw them often. Skulls were among the first things that I had at least some idea of how to sculpt. The first one I was proud of looks terrible in retrospect!”

Hodas’ Fossils collection isn’t fear-inducing. The fresh implementation of the fossilized characters such as Popeye and SpongeBob SquarePants are quite intriguing to consider. His fossilized exhibits even attribute imaginative ‘zoological’ names along with the year they surfaced.



The skulls motivated by classic personalities contain incredible detail

These incredibly detailed skulls did not come out only from Hodas’ creativity. Hodas did quite a lot of research from college documents and memorial websites to learn everything he can. He did this to collect as much precise information as possible to remain true to his demand for authenticity.


“The mouse skull and bird skull were especially difficult. They all had those little holes, crevices, and fine details and it’s very difficult to imagine their shape in 3D.”



However, regardless of his assignment to remain as anatomically correct as possible, the imaginative depiction of these characters he is fossilizing simply will not permit it. Minnie Mouse, Tweety and Goofy possess caricature-like capabilities. They have large eyes, big heads, and other exaggerations which have become linked to their own identity. If Hodas chose to recreate a real mouse skull, then his string likely will not genereate as much buzz it’s now. “I had no choice but to guess a lot of it and make some creative decisions,” he clarified.


These fossilized skulls ‘retained’ a number of the most telling attributes


“Obviously a mouse skull wouldn’t have ears or that arching pointy part defining the eye shape, but without the ears or clearly defined eye shape it just didn’t look like the cartoon at all!”


Originally, Hodas desired to design them such as dinosaur fossils setup in a museum exhibition. But if he realized that sticking with realistic attributes will not work. After all, real fossils in displays normally have broken components or missing components. Doing this could only make his job difficult to recognize. So Hodas simply went with a damaged appearance and emphasized their attributes instead. And it totally works!


“The overall vibe I go for is to create a sense of nostalgia, recreate long-forgotten worlds and visions, and mix them up with the ideas from my mind as a kid.”



The fossilized characters have ignited a dialogue


comment on cartoons turned to fossils ears


comment on cartoons turned to fossils right in the childhood


comment on cartoons turned to fossils skeptic


disney needs to buy them from you


goofy is a bovine


I save the skulls of my own pets


sheer delight

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