Artist Andoni Bastarrika Creates Animal Sand Sculptures That Look Very Realistic

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Artist Andoni Bastarrika Creates Animal Sand Sculptures That Look Very Realistic

True artists could create art from almost anything. We’ve seen talented men and women who produce astonishing artworks using wood, paper, stones and even parts of scrap metal. This time, prepare to relish at the wonder of Andoni Bastarrika’s gorgeous sand sculptures. From bulls and horses and much more, this sand artist generates strikingly realistic animal characters from the shore. In reality, they are so lifelike they can make you doubt your own eyes.

Bastarrika found his affinity with sand in the summer of 2010 while on a beach trip with his two daughters. Back afterward, he tried creating his first sand sculpture–a tiny mermaid. To his surprise, his hands seemed to have understood what they were doing. This encounter made him realize that the “fluidity” of his palms, which he believes as a present. So, he spent the past 10 years creating this present, and today he has finally perfected his craft.


Sand artist Andoni Bastarrika generates hyperrealistic animal sculptures from the coast



According into the gifted sculptor, he discovers out the sand intriguing because of the way it can teach humanity precious life lessons. Bastarrika also shared nature plays a substantial part in his inventions.


“In order to create a sculpture, an unthinkable number of sand particles participate, hugging each other tightly through humidity, so that someone could model their union. And once the artist steps back, its piece will remain at the mercy of nature, meaning that sooner or later the wind will dry them up and release each particle, slowly consuming all the individuality and authenticity.”




Bastarrika is especially fond of sculpting animal characters at a fantastic number of explanations. For one, he sees creatures as free spirits, which makes them bearers of fantastic wisdom that people may learn from. On top of this, he perceives their “nudity” as freedom or “the essential ingredient to being able to truly live.”


“Humans ‘overdress’ to survive in a lot of ways. I have never made nor will I make an animal with a necklace or chains. I prefer to embrace their freedom, power, and wisdom through beauty rather than a form of suffering.”




To construct his masterpiece, he starts off by amassing moist sand and turning it into his preferred form. Along how, he attempts to ascertain and catch the ideal expression and motion to bring his creation to life.




Aside out of with his bare hands, Bastarrika also utilizes a sharpened stick and a feather to specify finer details. In some scenarios, he also incorporates other substances like ash, clay powder and stone powder to his functions. According to him, the time that it takes to finish a figure is extremely determined by its size.


“The elephant, for example, took me 2 days, while the horse and the bison took 12 hours each. The dogs, which were smaller, needed about 6 to 8 hours.”


His creations are so lifelike that some beachgoers have confused them for the real thing


























Source: Andoni Bastarrika Facebook | Instagram

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