A Tour of those Colorful Art Throughout Our Home

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A Tour of the Colorful Art Throughout Our Home

Take a trip through the vibrant art in our house. We show you all our favorite bits and discuss how you are able to fill your house with art you’ll love!

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You wouldn’t feel the number of DMs I get on Instagram asking me where I get the wall artwork you see in our residence. And it’s increased in the past couple of months! Maybe because individuals have been in their own houses so much lately they’re feeling motivated to handle their sterile walls??? Whatever why, I completely support getting artwork up on these partitions! I’m providing you with a complete tour of the vibrant art in our house to help make you feeling motivated to fill your house with beautiful pieces which you love. 

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Tour Our Colorful Wall Art 

The bulk of the artwork prints you see in our house have come from Minted and are framed in that our DIY artwork frames. One of our very favorite prints from Minted is in Avery’s space !!!! We lately ended giving her space a makeover and made her a fairly amazing DIY built in bunk beds and set up an extraordinary wall mural (yet another way to display artwork ).

colorful wall art in girl's room

colorful mural in girls room

The big vibrant artwork pieces in our bedroom may also be out of Minted. I have asked about the print hanging above our bed allllll that moment, and it’s a personal favorite of mine! ) Also, that I really like that the two big abstracts on both sides of the bedroom fireplace). They create the method by which they create a large impact that’s ideal for this distance!

colorful wall art in master bedroom

colorful wall art around fireplace

I also get asked about the kaleidoscope print in my home office a long time. I adore it ! This entire gallery makes me happy. The “Color” and “Love” prints arrived this inexpensive 3 pack

colorful wall gallery in office

Those same inexpensive prints are hanging Attley’s space . That’s just how much I adore them!

1594884495 591 A Tour of the Colorful Art Throughout Our Home - A Tour of those Colorful Art Throughout Our Home

Speaking of Attley’s space , you can find the FREE printable Greatest Showman motivated poster which I made for the (you may see it hanging over her bed) if you subscribe. And you get access to plenty of other free things when you subscribe also —click here if you’re curious ! )

1594884495 635 A Tour of the Colorful Art Throughout Our Home - A Tour of those Colorful Art Throughout Our Home

And individuals are always considering the prints hanging in our stairway. These are in that our DIY frames. I really like how they appear and the way cheap they’re (they cost less 20 each to create )! 

staircase with colorful wall art

We have a few prints in our living area from Juniper Print Shop we display on the DIY artwork ledge we made (and that I’m still obsessed with). I really like the enormous sizes you are able to purchase from them. These are Seascape and Salt Flats from Juniper Print Shop (and Sunriver by Minted).

colorful wall art in family room

I recently purchased this print from Society 6. I really like it at the girls’ play place in our living space! It is ideal using their desk we rehabbed along with the quotation makes me happy:-RRB- I wish I had found Society 6 sooner. The costs are excellent AND I’m impressed with the caliber of the paper they’re printed on.

colorful wall art in playroom

The other artwork in our house I must mention are those prints which hang from our downstairs hall. They were painted by me personally and also our kiddos and then expanded with @doodlespot_theapp. And NO, I’m not an artist in any respect. My women and that I painted these through an online watercolor for children’ class! But lots of individuals have messaged me asking where they can buy the honeycomb printing. Just goes to show how lovely your art can be!

large framed kids art

See additional pieces of artwork that you enjoy in our house I haven’t mentioned here? If you need links to each one the particular art prints we have in our house, your very best bet is to locate them on our visit my house page. You can discover all our artwork (and decor and furniture and DIY jobs ) there!

Now, since you’re shopping, you will likely notice that bigger prints are rather costly, wherever you purchase them. So, to create our artwork budget stretch so far as you can, we nearly ALWAYS create our own DIY artwork frames since it saves us a whole lot of money. Custom framing is expensive–we would rather spend our money on the artwork prints themselves!  This tutorial shows you how you can produce the artwork frames you find in nearly every area of the house for under $20 each!

If you need more DIY frame thoughts check out: The 15 BEST Tutorials for DIY Frames, Easy DIY Picture Frame You Can Make WITHOUT Power Tools, also “DIY” Gold Frames for Less Than $10 Each. Don’t wish to DIY? These Stylish & Affordable Frames for Photos and Art are all excellent choices.

I find myself mainly drawn to vibrant and abstract artwork and I do not comply with some “rules” once I select out bits. For years that I avoided picking out art for our walls since I felt as though I did not understand enough about art to select anything. Two or three years back, I realized that I was being idiotic. I meanI really don’t understand squat about wine, but I know whether I enjoy it if I taste it! So today I just go with my gut and select art that I fall in love with once I visit it. 

Moral of this narrative…when you select art that you like, you can not fail. It really is that easy!

And do not forget that we’ve got an entire library full of FREE printable art for our VIP subscribers! All that you need to do is select the artwork you want and have it published (I get mine published by Printful on its own Enhanced Matte Paper Poster paper–it’s excellent quality). Subscribe below to get it and receive all our artwork and a whole lot more!

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