A Girl Created A PowerPoint Presentation To Convince Her Parents To Get A Cat And It’s Gone Viral

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A Girl Created A PowerPoint Presentation To Convince Her Parents To Get A Cat And It’s Gone Viral

Can you recall how you got your first pet? Did you request it or did your parents only surprise you with a furry buddy one day? Well, regardless of how the initial four-legged buddy came into your daily life, we could all agree that the occasion is unquestionably a cherished moment in our private history. And today, the age-old custom of persuading parents to accept pet possession has leveled up. Case in point: a small woman from Toronto, Canada made a PowerPoint demonstration to be certain parents knew that she meant business. And her father was amused with her demonstration he made a decision to discuss it to the planet through Twitter!

Christopher Doyle tweeted that the demonstration on August 25th, 2020. Apparently, the demonstration was his daughter’s method of demonstrating how serious she was about needing a furry addition to their own loved ones. She’d reportedly been requesting for quite a while. However, despite her best efforts, her efforts to convince her parents have met little success. But it appears she might have a fighting chance that this moment, since Christopher did not look at the possibility of this online bulk carrying her side! His tweet became viral, following being retweeted 4, 900 occasions, becoming 21, 100 enjoys and getting 1,300 remarks!


Toronto-established Christopher Doyle’s daughter made a PowerPoint presentation because she really really wants to Have a puppy

His daughter’s PowerPoint demonstration consisted of many slides all supposed to drive her point home. On one of her slides entitled ‘Pros of getting a cat’, she wrote that she, together with all of her other sisters (whose remarks are seemingly less significant ), “would love to have a cat”. She also contended that “having pets can lower stress and make you happier”. Plus, “since it’s a cat, you don’t have to take it outside everyday for walks”, the smart presenter wrote. This final debate would win over any active parent, however, her parents are not easy to win over. So she made certain to guarantee them that she “would be in charge of cleaning up after the cat and the litter box and stuff”!

Christopher Doyle


Apparently, she has been asking for a puppy for over 5 Decades already, as mentioned in her PowerPoint presentation

How long did it take for you to convince your parents that you are ready for the responsibility of owning a pet? A few of days, a week, a month, a yearold? Well, at Christopher’s daughter’s situation, she has seemingly been asking for a pet for 5 decades now! Apparently, she had been assured that a hamster before, but it never occurred. And we understand how broken claims have a method of ingraining itself at a youngster’s mind… It may appear a little cruel, however Christopher clarified the hesitation is not because of a dislike of creatures… it is only that his wife is allergic to cats. So even though they would really love to create their little woman happy, they simply can not discount the health hazard.

Daughter reminded them that they promised her a hamster a few years ago in her powerpoint presentation

Christopher Doyle

Thankfully, individuals of Twitter have provided up some useful tips and advice that can fix the household’s issue. A good deal of the respondents indicated they receive a hypo-allergenic cat, such as a Devon Rex. Christopher’s daughter has voiced her interest in adopting a black kitten. According to himshe chose to really go for black-furred cats because she learned they get the least love due to the superstition attached for their own physical appearance. What Christopher’s daughter told him is accurate and could be endorsed by many professionals such as Kentucky Humane Society Communications Director Andrea Blair.

charming end slide in the pro-pet powerpoint presentation

Christopher Doyle


end slide of the pro-pet powerpoint presentation

Christopher Doyle


After sharing her PowerPoint presentation with her parents, Christopher’s daughter announced that She’d like to adopt a black cat

The problem of discrimination against black cats goes back a longlong moment. It all began after they had been associated with witches and branded to become harbingers of hardship. Since afterward, black cats have faced intense bias and in certain extreme cases, maltreatment. But it appears that the opinion towards black cats is slowly changing. According into Andrea Blair, more and more folks have started to express their concern regarding those frequently neglected cats. Many have achieved to Kentucky Humane Society not to allow anyone adopt black cats since Halloween draws near. This is due to their concern that the black cats were just being adopted because they match the Halloween aesthetic and could later be abandoned or failed. In a statement, Blair stated:

“They have the very best intentions, but the unintended consequences are the perpetuation of the myth – which leads to black cats spending even more time in shelters.”




“Because of the common colour [black cats] would be the [ones] most likely to be overlooked in favor of cats using much more diverse color patterns. Black cats regularly require a few times more to be adopted”




jonathan-cosens-photography-unsplash-black cat



To his surprise, Twitter users provided solutions to their household’s pet difficulty




His daughter’s demonstration sure got lots of aid










Riot Fest even got involved


Others were entertained by the PowerPoint presentation



Christopher’s daughter utilized his article’s fame as leverage


The Tweet was so hot that Christopher can do was make light of it


Thanks into the net’s overwhelming support, the Doyles eventually sent in a Cat Adoption Application



The Doyles seem to be in the process of searching for their household’s newest furry manhood


And seemingly the achievement of the sister’s demonstration is providing Christopher’s other kids thoughts


Perhaps one reason why Christopher’s Tweet about his daughter’s PowerPoint demonstration became so viral is that individuals can relate to the battle of getting their initial furry friend. It was, after all, more frequently than not, an ongoing struggle. But it appears that Christopher has come about, after only 3 days! We’re not stating that it was likely the peer pressure that did it. But in case you had a million people clamoring to you to give your daughter’s longstanding wish, would not you be inclined also?


We sure expect the Doyles be able to adopt a black kitty

grigoriy-konovalov- black-cat-stares-at-lens-unsplash


Source: Twitter

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