A.C.E Is the K-Pop Group Vying To Be Your “Favorite Boys”

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A.C.E Is the K-Pop Group Vying To Be Your “Favorite Boys”

“It was Quite Frightening, and we drank Plenty of water [inside of the tank],” Chan jokes”

It was my very first instance [under water], therefore that I was really scared” Of class, today he could look back to the grueling shoot — that spanned two weeks, together with Jun and Chan within the tank for 2 hours each day — with a feeling of pride. “You can’t see anything underwater, so we had no idea how it was going to come out, but it came out great. And I love that our fans love it.”

With his dark mop of hair and sleeveless, black Babymetal t-shirt, he seems to be an E-boy. But looks may be misleading, and Chan’s cheerful enthusiasm for the creative process is palpable. “In preparing for this album, we wanted to try something new,” he adds. “And it has to be something that no one’s tried before. We wanted to show our fans what’s authentic about us and what’s something that only we can do.”

When inquired exactly what something is, Byeongkwan is ready: “We don’t have limits when it comes to fashion or music,” he states in English. “We want to try everything.” A.C.E strategies most matters with this particular mindset. It’s in their title: Adventure Calling Emotions, which basically means they would like to stir the sorts of feelings — hope, power, liberation — which inspire their fans to pursue adventure, to challenge themselves and the institutions around them. “We want many people to get inspiration from us.”

In speaking to Choice, it is apparent that it is nearly impossible to encapsulate what the team means to them into a coherent, succinct manner. But there are two universal truths inside the fandom: A.C.E work hard, and they deserve greater recognition. “They bring a lot of comfort to me,” 22-year old Lims, a recent college graduate, informs Teen Vogue in their Chicago apartment. “I feel really happy when I see them doing things that haven’t been done in K-pop before. That’s something I admire. I want to push boundaries, too.” Illustrator and college senior Elias, 21, can relate. Watching the associates of A.C.E kindly express themselves in a way that balk at traditional ideals of masculinity has contributed Elias the safety to perform the same. “Seeing them want to wear makeup and want to wear crop tops, all of that helps me be a little bit more comfortable,” he states. “I’m not alone. I’m not the only guy out there who likes wearing makeup and feeling pretty.”

Alyson, that a 27-year old social networking planner from Texas, began stanning after viewing the “Cactus” dance clinic video. Like so many Choice, she had been enamored with his or her functionality. Now, she is streaming the “Favorite Boys” music video to help get A.C.E their very first music series win, a concrete symbol of a band’s momentum and growth in the business. “We want them to know, ‘You guys are amazing. You deserve this.'”

Brittney, 26, runs @Choice_NAtion7, the North American fan base, and she has been averaging 2 hours of sleep each night during this recovery. She spends her days and nights coordinating with Choice fan bases across the world, communication across time zones to reach streaming objectives, produce hashtags, and place new digital documents. It’s a 24/7 occupation, but she does it out of pure love for your own team. “They work hard,” she states. “So that motivates me to work hard for them.” Erin, who organized a streaming job with this comeback and keeps a thorough YouTube playlist, comes with an whole folder on her iPhone devoted to this target with audio series voting programs and Korean streaming programs. It’s titled “ACE 1st Win.” As she tilts her phone to the display to reveal I catch a glimpse of this Donghun photocard at the rear of her phone instance. “You gotta dream big,” she cried, somewhat wearily.

Then, more assuredly, she proceeds: “Every time A.C.E gets knocked down, they find a way to get back up and to keep going and improving.” That, she states, is exactly what she admires most.

Choice’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. “The fans have given us so much support through streaming and tweeting and creating hashtags,” Jun says” They tried really difficult to get us a primary win [on a music show], and we fell short of their expectations. But we’re not here in order to win; we are here to enjoy our time together with Choice. We attempt to be better individuals daily. That’s why we do what we do. Not to win, but to grow”

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