5 Common Causes of House Fires (and 5 ) Ways into Prevent Them)

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Closeup of steam rising from a stainless steel pot

For most folks, the home is their main investment, therefore protecting it could not be important. Fortunately, using a couple of behavior alterations, you are able to prevent a few of the most frequent house fires.

But first, let us discuss the reasons most home fires erupt:

No one needs the odor of last night’s cooking at the home now — and of course that the moisture, which may lead to mold and mildew. (©Adam, Adobe Stock Photos)

1. ) Careless Cooking

Cooking is part of many people’s daily regimen. But open fires, splattering dirt and burning off food are regular occurrences, therefore it is not the safest job.

When you add leaving the stove or range unattended to the mixture, you have a recipe for failure.

Electric space heater blowing warm air into stylish modern living room
(©New Africa, Adobe Stock Photos)

2. Harmful Heating

We all desire to keep warm when temperatures dip, and it’s easy to whip out a room heater. After all, remaining in one area and heating which space is much more energy-efficient than heating an whole home.

But space heaters could be toxic amenities, particularly once you put them too close to furniture or drapes.

Fireplaces can also pose problems when not often maintained. Have a chimney fireplace and sweep inspector see at least one time every year.

Electrical outlet with a plug on fire
A smoky socket is a certain indication of electric malfunction. The alternative is the arc-fault circuit interrupter. (©jivimages, Adobe Stock Photos)

3. Perilous Power

Electrical fires are frequent as a result of inadequate maintenance of electrical systems, which leads to unattended bad wiring and broken fittings. These issues may lead to bigger problems like shorts or sparks which could set your house ablaze.
But a well-maintained electric system isn’t a match for risky customs like plugging in a lot of devices and overloading outlets.

A row of ablaze tealights

4. ) Combustible Candles

Candles come in handy for all types of reasons. They set the mood for intimate dining, they allow you to unwind, and sometimes they are necessary during electricity outages. But an open fire — regardless of how little — constantly poses a threat.

Small pile of burned out cigarettes

5. ) Smoldering Smokes

You’ve discovered the surgeon general’s warnings regarding smoking cigarettes, and the message has caught on in recent decades. However, while the number of individuals who smoke could be diminishing (only 14percent of U.S. adults because of this writing), only beneath 40 million people still do, and this unhealthy habit results in one in 20 dwelling fires.

We understand the issues, but what are the answers?

Well, using a few straightforward adjustments to your behaviours and daily habits, you can avoid these kinds of home fires that are common.

Read the following infographic to find out more!

Infographic that shows how to prevent common house fires

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