30 Hilarious Times Quarantined People Failed At Grooming Their Dog And Realized They Needed A Professional

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30 Hilarious Times Quarantined People Failed At Grooming Their Dog And Realized They Needed A Professional

What occurs when pet owners attempt to decrease their pets hair ? Well, lets find out with those humorous dog haircuts. These cuts make you realize that pet grooming should just be done by professionals. Salons and barbershops are shut throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing individuals to perform their own haircuts at the comfort of their houses. Of class, even pet salons have been closed forever. Now, that is if pet owners need to choose the scissors thing in their own hands. Since the professionals aren’t working during the lockdown, pet owners don’t have any option but to reduce their pets .

People who’ve attempted doing their own haircuts were largely disappointed with their own attempts. And which is also the same with their pets. Dogs, in particular, tend to cultivate their hair long fast. Although it is based largely upon the breed of the dog, a haircut ought to be done about once per month. Without regular haircuts, long-haired puppies are likely to carry around lots of matted coats that could feel gritty to the touch. This can bring distress to the dog as well as the proprietor too. And because pet salons are closed, owners are left with no other option but to perform it themselves.


“Groomer Closed Due To Covid19. Wife Told Me To Trim The Dog. Hold My Beer”

Apparently, those humorous dog haircuts just tell the entire story. These owners understand the chance of giving their puppies haircuts though they know nothing about hair styling. But they did it  anyhow. For them, a puppy having a bad haircut is significantly better than a puppy with gritty, unmanageable hair. But what exactly do these bad dogs believe about their new haircuts? Some doggos are sympathetic enough to induce a grin as not to harm their proprietor feelings. But other puppies did not hesitate to express their disappointment in their owner’s work.


Pet Hair Styling: Quarantine Edition

We’ve compiled the funniest puppy haircuts through the pandemic lockdown which may make you feel better. Luckily for all these unlucky canines, their hair will probably be return into its former glory very quickly. And ideally once this time comes, the pandemic will probably be pet salons will soon be available for business.


That Look


“If Looks Could Kill”


“Take It From Mash And Wait Until The Professionals Are Back”


“Unexpected Casualties”


“This Is The Mug Of A Dog Who Is Plotting His Revenge Against Me For Giving Him A Home Haircut”


“Miss That Fluffy Boy. I Want His Fur Back”


“Covid19 Haircut. Mistakes Were Made”


“This Dog Will Never Trust A Human Again”


Funny Dog Haircuts 2020


“Guess Who Won’t Be Asked To Groom The Dog Again”


“My Dog Got A Haircut. Seems Pissed About It”


“First Time Quarantine Groomer Here! How’d I Do?”


Haircut Fail


“It Was So Long She Couldn’t See, So I Tried My Best But Poor Maggie May Deserved Better”


Quarantine Haircut


DIY Haircut Gone Wrong


“My Wife’s First Attempt To Groom The Dog During Quarantine”


“I, Too, Gave My Dog A Deeply Regrettable Quarantine Haircut. I’m So Sorry, Son”


“Avery Also Thinks Pants Are Optional During Isolation”


This Happened


“A Quarantine Haircut At It’s Best”


“This Is Why We Pay Professionals”


“Mojo Before And After”


“My Advice: Abort This Mission! My Poor Mimi Looked Crazy For 2 Days Until I Was Able To Fix Him”


“There’s A First Time For Everything”


“I’m So Sorry Baby. Dog Grooming Will Be Left To The Professionals Only From Here On Out”


Sad Dog


“Bad Haircut Day”


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