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Roseanne Barr’s racist remarks about Twitter crossed from the entire success of this series and the job of the throw and stuff. But if the series have been pinpointed?
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The countless fans waited for the reboot of this Roseanne TV series since 1997. But Roseanne Barr’s racist remarks about Twitter crossed out the entire success of this series and also the job of the throw and stuff.

Jimmy Kimmel considers that “ the show must go on”, which although Roseanne Barr is gone, the series should last. The entire media culture applause into the amusement president of ABC Channing Dungey because of the instant response. MSNBC sponsor Joe Scarborough clearly stated his position Twitter.

President Trump did not leave the story behind also. The co-star John Goodman also gave his reaction to the circumstance. Actor, the celebrity of “Hotel Rwanda” Don Cheadle additionally remarked. Actor, scriptwriter, producer and Roseanne Barr ex-husband Tom Arnold also did not leave the situation from his attention.

Roseanne remark on Twitter: 0:14
Jimmy Kimmel roughly Roseanne: 0:28
Channing Dungey remarks Roseanne cancellation: 0:59
Donald Trump remarks Roseanne: two:00
John Goodman remarks Roseanne cancellation: two:28
Roseanne ex-husband: 3:02

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