Week 16 Picks: Divisions online in rematch week | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

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With some critical rematches on the slate, Florio & Simms select every match of Week 16.
(3:30) Saturday: Texans in Buccaneers “It would be typical Texans to blow this one.”
(6:10) Saturday: Bills in Patriots “This is not the same Patriots we’ve seen this decade.”
(10:25) Saturday: Rams in 49ers “The 49ers understand they can’t limp into Week 17.”
(17:00) Jaguars in Falcons “I don’t think getting rid of Tom Coughlin cures everything in Jacksonville.”
(20:10) Why Gardner Minshew can save Doug Marrone’s job.
(23:45) Ravens in Browns “The best running game in history is coming to town.”
(27:20) Panthers in Colts “I think the Panthers are in not-so-subtle tank mode.”
(31:40) Bengals in Dolphins “Joe Mixon’s been playing like a superstar the last few weeks.”
(34:30) Steelers in Jets “Le’Veon Bell is going to be determined to get revenge on Pittsburgh.”
(40:00) Saints in Titans “Janoris Jenkins is a gamechanger.”
(44:20) Giants in Redskins “I feel like last week was a sendoff for the season for the Giants.”
(50:20) Lions in Broncos “Matt Patricia has gotten his free pass for next year, I don’t know how the players feel about that.”
(53:10) Raiders in Chargers “I think Rivers delivers in his last home game for the Chargers.”
(56:00) Cowboys in Eagles “If the Cowboys lose this game they all deserve to be fired.”
(1:01:40) Cardinals in Seahawks “The Seahawks don’t put anyone away.”
(1:03:45) SNF: Chiefs in Bears “Andy Reid is going to solve Matt Nagy & Chuck Pagano.”
(1:08:05) MNF: Packers in Vikings “Do I trust Kirk Cousins? I don’t know.”
(1:13:25) Chris attempts to thread the needle with one of the Best Bets
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Week 16 Picks: Divisions online in rematch week | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

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