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Enjoy those The Kissing Booth Behind that the Scenes! Were those dancing clinics in a green screen? Which a part of it did Jacob despise – and was miserable when filming, as lovers are speculating? (We concentrate on The Kissing Booth two where we could.)

Apart from those details, we also share trendy Kissing Booth Filming Secrets and Easter Eggs The Kissing Booth together with you. Well, as many as we can fit into one video!
The Kissing Booth Netflix is a hit! ) All just two of these — with The Kissing Booth 3 intended to be published in 2021.

There are really so many enjoyable Kissing Booth Cast Secrets you have to understand! Like Taylor Zakhar Perez dating advice and amorous quarantine date thoughts! As nicely as Joey King surprising audition secret! ) Oh, and you’re going to cringe when you hear Joel Courtney sharing the story supporting his inaugural kiss! )

Moving to Kissing Booth Filming Secrets… Did you understand the cast members had to learn a lot of new abilities? What did Maisie Richardson Sellers know to perform? Did Jacob Elordi understand how to ride a motorbike before filming? And just how long did Taylor need to practice the guitar?!

There’s more, but see our video to discover!

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