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what’s wrong with my tomatoes? with dr. meg mcgrath Watch Video
what’s fallacious with my tomatoes? with dr. meg mcgrath

Jenna Harris

July 29, 2020


THE PURSUIT of perfection in tomatoes could be an elusive objective: The foliage will get spotty or yellow and will even begin dropping; fruits could also be reluctant to set, or sluggish to ripen, or disfigured in some irritating approach. But on we soldier t

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From the Civil War to the football field, we’ve been celebrating the wrong values Watch Video
From that the Civil War into the football field, we have been observing the incorrect values

Jenna Harris

June 11, 2020


It's not really your fault if you don't know who Hallowell was. His lifestyle and slender writings chiefly have been buried by “Gone With the Wind” crap. They ought to be restored and made compulsory reading in locker rooms. Maybe then there would

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Artificial Intelligence AI Neural Network Logic Art Watch Video

Two Extract Load Transform Myths and Why They’re Wrong

Jake Levins

June 6, 2020


In data warehousing, the decades-old idea of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) is well known and recognizable. Enterprise organizations utilize ETL to extract info from their packed systems and a few habit, in-house line-of-business applications; change the a

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