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Former Contestant On “The Voice” Gave Her Boyfriend A Kidney–“I Heard God Say I Was Supposed To Do Something For Him”

Ashley Hendricks

September 15, 2020


Myracle Holloway along with her boyfriend JaMarr “Stitch” Nance possess a love story that runs so deep, she gave him a kidney. Myracle tells us that the story of how it happened. “I have a love story I gave my kidney to my boyfriend. He was a

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FBI and CISA warn against surge in voice phishing campaigns Watch Video

FBI and CISA warn against Spike in voice phishing campaigns

Jake Levins

August 23, 2020


“The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a mass shift to working from home, resulting in increased use of corporate VPN and elimination of in-person verification, which can partially explain the success of this campaign. Prior to the pandemic, similar camp

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Twitter apologizes for lack of accessibility in voice notes Watch Video
Twitter apologizes for lack of accessibility in voice notes

Jake Levins

June 21, 2020


Hey Matthew, that is an early model of this characteristic and we’re exploring methods to make some of these Tweets accessible to everybody.— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) June 17, 2020 “This is an early version of this feature and we&rsq

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No one voice represents college football. In a crisis like this, that’s a major problem. Watch Video
No one voice signifies college football. In a catastrophe in this way, that is a significant issue.

Jenna Harris

May 11, 2020


So in case you are able to get your head into a location where it appears possible to perform college football not only this year but this autumn -- on time -- becoming familiar with the thought that different colleges in various conventions will begin on exce

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You can learn a lot about Ed Orgeron just from the sound of his voice Watch Video
You could find out a great deal about Ed Orgeron only in the sound of his voice

Jenna Harris

December 27, 2019


You may feel a particular, for want of a better phrase, gumbo. The voice of this beloved LSU football trainer embodies the area where he participates, a tightknit portion of the nation not a lot of the nation ever visits, a region that bloats southward from Ne

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