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How valuable is Betts? 25 ways he has made the Dodgers even better Watch Video
How precious is Betts? ) 25 manners he’s made the Dodgers better

Jenna Harris

October 23, 2020


ARLINGTON, Texas -- Let's start with a idea that's been hauled -- directly and indirectly -- thus frequently by prominent members of those Los Angeles Dodgers it may also be thought of as a statement of truth: Mookie Betts has surpassed expectations. Now let u

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Meet the Hummingbird Moth — A Valuable Pollinator Watch Video

Meet That the Hummingbird Moth — A Valuable Pollinator

Jenna Harris

July 30, 2020


The hummingbird moth is frequently confused for its namesake. (DepositPhotos)Picture this: You're enjoying a day on your deck or patio and, abruptly, listen to the telltale buzzing of a hummingbird. But upon closer inspection, you realize it is not a bird in a

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