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Oprah Winfrey To Host Two-Night Town Hall, Discussing Racism In America

Ashley Hendricks

June 7, 2020


According into @hollywoodreporter, media mogul #OprahWinfrey is hosting a two-night city hall special to talk racism in America. Oprah said, “I’ve been having private conversations with friends and thought leaders about what’s next and w

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The Mysterious Town Car Delray Watch Video

The Mysterious Town Car Delray

Ben Williams

February 15, 2020


Dealer special mated a Continental into some Town Car Story and photos with Bob Tomaine Seen in the front, the Delray Edition looks like any other Lincoln Town Car unless a very sharp eye could pick out the small differences in the trunk.   that I t requi

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Mini's 2020 Cooper SE zips round city powered by electrons

Jake Levins

January 29, 2020


The SE is a Mini Cooper via and thru; its design is predicated on the prevailing Mini 3-Door format. Aside from its physique sitting 18mm larger to accommodate the battery pack, the SE is sort of equivalent to its inside combustion bretheren. That battery prov

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