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hope is the thing with cotyledons, and other spring 2020 instagram thoughts Watch Video
Hope is the thing with cotyledons, along with other spring 2020 instagram ideas

Jenna Harris

April 6, 2020


that I T FEELS LIKE 100 YEARS, however it's “only” been around a month. I know because I checked in my calendar for the week at which every thing has been canceled “till further notice,” and also for the date when I did my past in-perso

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Lyfe Jennings shares that he does not think it is right for Eva Marcille to change her daughter's last name from Kevin McCall's last name. Watch Video
Lyfe Jennings Shared His Thoughts On Eva Marcille Changing Her Daughter’s Last Name

Ashley Hendricks

March 2, 2020


It is not any secret which Eva Marcille along with her ex Kevin McCall aren't in a fantastic place, and they have been to court once it comes to the custody of the 6-year-old daughter Marley. Eva was really open about Kevin not being in their own daughter's li

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