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Garden inspiration from a medium sized garden Watch Video
Garden inspiration by a moderate sized backyard

Jenna Harris

February 23, 2020


February 23rd, 2020 Posted In: Garden design & alive Garden tendencies & layout This is the second of two articles on inspiration by a moderate sized backyard . The first article was all about a garden made by the late Grant Saltmarsh, upgraded for its 21st ce

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The Middle-Sized Garden Blog Watch Video
8 amazing and unconventional medium sized garden thoughts

Jenna Harris

February 16, 2020


February 16th, 2020 Posted In: Garden tendencies & layout These are my favorite medium sized garden thoughts from two private gardens I have only seen. The sheltered terrace in Dale and Jon's ‘Caelum’ (top) and Nandi's fairly vegetable garden (abov

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