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Selena Gomez news revealed horrible details. We all know about Selena Gomez breakdown. For weeks Selena Gomez has been hospitalized, and it is still not clear for how long it will last. Celebrity had complications like this before, due to her struggle with lupus. Selena Gomez mental health is not stable yet, and just this Friday everyone was talking about Selena Gomez panic attack.

Meanwhile, reports also suggest that Selena’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s marriage to Hailey Baldwin might have been a factor in her breakdown

We hope to hear better celebrity news soon, that will finally confirm stabilization of Selena Gomez health condition. During 2018 Selena Gomez suffered from depression but the whole rehab program seemed to be a working Selena Gomez treatment. We wish Selena Gomez to win her fight with lupus as soon as possible.

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