Olivia Jade LOSES Major Brand Deal To This Actress’ Daughter!

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The hits keep coming for Olivia Jade, that the one period Youtube celebrity and poster kid for Amazon’s dorm room set.

What’s up guys its Emile Ennis Jr. And afterwards Olivia Jade dropped her venture Amazon, the company had to scramble to get the ideal replacement.

Because only one year ago, Olivia was queen

And her dorm room was castle

However, if the queen’s issues think that the queen no more deserves to reside inside her castle

Well…everything just vanishes!

So the queen abandoned her castle to get a lifetime of solitude and ikea furniture

And the individuals chosen a brand new queen – Ava Phillipe

So Ava said goodbye to her humble occupation for a pizza location hostess, also said hello to superior, high paying spon con. )

And today Ava’s dorm space is where to be.

But what makes this juicer?

Well… Ava and Olivia was neighbours

You understand back before the college admissions scandal when Reese and Lori Laughlin both lived in Bel Air.

And some people today say that both star daughters were nicely… less than favorable.

So is that coming from Ava being opportunistic? Or perhaps just a little petty? Tell me everything you believe in the comments below.

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