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Community is currently streaming on Netflix, and while binge-watch the beloved sitcom and expect for the throw reunion at a film, let’s have a peek at what happened to the celebrities because the series finished.

Danny Pudi aka Abed Nadir kept starring in sitcoms and comedies. The celebrity is married to his college sweetheart, and they raise twins together.

Though Yvette Nicole Brown had to leave her part Shirley Bennett after season 5, she stays very near her Community cast. Brown made over 90 credits in TV and movies, and tried herself as a writer. Yvette is diehard enthusiast of The Walking Dead.

Jim Rash who depicted Dean Pelton acquired an Oscar for composing an adapted screenplay The Descendants. He is a part of the LA comedy troupe The Groundlings. Rash came out as homosexual in 2012.

Chevy Chase regrets playing the use of Pierce Hawthorne, however Community was his huge comeback into the displays. With his livelihood over 50 years, Chase is the wealthiest on the throw. He is married to his third wife, also has three daughters.

Alison Brie had to unite her role Annie Edison with the other powerful TV job – Mad Men. The celebrity is currently starring at a wrestling series GLOW, and surfaced as manufacturer. She is married into Dave Franco.

Donald Glover aka Troy Barnes is social media individual, who obtained in the record of “100 Most influential People In The World”. He is a powerful musician who plays under the stage name Childish Gambino. Glover has two sons with his long term spouse.

Joel McHale who brought us Jeff Winger, isn’t just celebrity: he’s also a TV host and stand-up comic book. McHale hosted The Tiger King And Ipersonally, and today is creating The Darkest Timeline podcast together with his Community co-star Ken Jeong. Joel is a husband of 23 years and also a father of 2.

Gillian Jacobs who depicted Britta Perry also starred in TV shows Girls and Love. The celebrity is a lifelong teetotaler.

Ken Jeong became famous for his role Ben Chang, and for his job The Hangover Trilogy. The celebrity had his very own sitcom Dr. Ken, and is currently employed as a panelist in The Masked Singer.
Jeong is increasing tenage twin women with his spouse of 15 years.

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