You Can Now Build Your Own Harry Potter Scenes With These Figurine Sets

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You Can Now Build Your Own Harry Potter Scenes With These Figurine Sets

There’s nothing like a joyous Harry Potter second for you at the Christmas mood. While the show itself is not really a Christmas movie, it will have lots of merry Christmas scenes full of holiday spirit. Of class, the majority of these jovial scenes happened in Hogwarts as Harry Potter decided to spend the vacation in the boarding school of magical. So, should you would like to attract the most enchanting and memorable Christmas minutes to your residence, we are here to help. We’ve discovered this Harry Potter Village that is composed of buildings that are lit and personality figurines.

All that you need to do is get those things individually and build your miniature village. This magical Christmas village collection is made up of 10 different items that are all made and marketed by precisely the exact same company. The set comprises 5 illuminated buildings and 5 character sets to finish your village.


Harry Potter Christmas Village

Of class, the magnificent School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the principal characteristic of the village. It includes the magic school’s most important hall and its own Astronomy Tower that come individually. Add more buildings beside the iconic college. So, create space for Hagrid’s Hut, Ollivanders Wand Shop and The Burrow to produce your very own magical world. Complete the village by adding personality figurines to the spectacle. Place Harry, Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Buckbeak, Draco, Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall to accessorize your village.


Hogwarts Hall and Tower

harry potter hogwarts hall and tower


Astronomy Tower

harry potter hogwarts village astronomy tower


Hagrid’s Hut

harry potter hagrid hut lit building


Ollivanders Wand Shop

harry potter ollivander wand shop lit building


The Burrow

harry potter the burrow lit building

All buildings are made from resin material having an inner LED light powered by an AC adapter (included). The Great Hall steps 13 inches high while the Astronomy Tower steps 12.2 inches higher. Ollivanders Wand Shop is 7. 88 inches high, Hagrid’s Hut is 6.7 inches large and The Burrow is 9 inches high. All personality figurines are made from stone powder and high quality polyresin material and handpainted with complex details. Except for Draco on Platform 9 3/4, the personality figures come in a group of 2.


Harry and Headmaster Dumbledore

hogwarts headmaster harry potter figurine set


Ron and Hermione

ron and hermione figurine set


Hagrid and Buckbeak

hagrid and hippogriff figurine set


Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape

hogwarts professors mcgonagall and snape figurine set



draco at platform 934 figurine

All buildings and figures are crafted utilizing the specific specifications in the film to make a lifelike experience for everybody Potterheads. So, this coming vacation, let us bring home the enchantment for this Harry Potter-themed décor. And let us bring the iconic picture . We advocate placing your village on white polyester cloth to acquire the look of a snow-covered floor. And scatter the whole group with shredded Styrofoam to get a snowy winter appearance.

harry potter hogwarts illuminated building


harry potter hogwarts pre-lit building


harry potter hogwarts astronomy tower lit building


harry potter hogwarts scale model decor


harry and dumbledore figurine set


harry and hogwarts headmaster figurine set


harry potter hagrid hut scale model decor


harry potter hagrid hut detail


hagrid and hippogriff figurine set decor


harry potter ollivander wand shop illuminated building


harry potter ollivander wand shop scale model decor


ron and hermione figurine set village accessories


harry potter the burrow scale model decor


harry potter the burrow illuminated building


draco at platform 934 figurine village accessory

Get that the Hogwarts Great Hall and Tower here, Astronomy Tower here, Hagrid’s Hut here, Ollivanders Wand Shop here, The Burrow here, Dumbledore and Harry figurine set here, Ron and Hermione set here, Hagrid and Buckbeak set here, Snape and McGonagall set here, also Draco on Platform 9 3/4 figurine here.

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