Remember That Dramatic Re-Imagining Of ‘Fresh Prince’ Called ‘Bel-Air’? ) , It Just Got two Seasons On Peacock! [Video]

Ashley Hendricks September 8, 2020 7 No Comments

WOW! Remember That Dramatic Re-Imagining Of ‘Fresh Prince’ Called ‘Bel-Air’?, It Just Got 2 Seasons On Peacock! [Video]

Source: NBC / Getty

In 2020 whatever is possible.

Some of you might recall the viral video from 2019 that portrayed The Fresh Prince tv show using a dark and striking spin. It was called Bel-Air and it had been led by Morgan Cooper. Well, based on a video which was posted on Will Smith’s YouTube page, Bel-Air will shortly be arriving to NBC’s Peacock streaming service not only for one period but TWO!

Getting two seasons of a TV series off-the-rip isn’t a frequent occurrence. Even a number of the most well-known shows that atmosphere now had to demonstrate some stats to be able to acquire another season. Sure, with Will on-board helps a whole lot but even HE can’t simply get a network to green-light 2 seasons. This have to have been one helluva pitch assembly.

Will pulled Morgan and his spouse Chris to a video conference call to create the big statement and also to discuss how attracting Fresh Prince to the modern age with all of the society’s present problems will result in captivating viewing for lovers of the OG series and younger people who never have to have the magic of their 90s series.

Press play down underside then hit the remarks to sound-off along with your opinions of the new venture.

Congrats to Morgan and his group! Will you’re seeing?

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