Why Re-Wearing Your Clothes Is Always On Trend

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Why Re-Wearing Your Clothes Is Always On Trend

The shifting of the seasons includes a significant wardrobe change. It’s outside with the mild summer bits and in using heavy winter coats, chunky knits, and lace-up boots. Instead of hurrying to the shops to get a new-season fix, we would really like to suggest another method to get your cupboard fall ready: by re-inventing existing pieces in your wardrobe using classic and thrift-store finds, that’s.

My wardrobe doctrine has changed tremendously over the previous seven decades. I’d like to walk into a shop or see an online store and drop head-over-heels in love with a product. An impulse buy would follow, and after home I’d possibly realize I had nothing to put on it that I already had quite similar variations of the identical bit hanging in my closet.

After reading about the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh in 2013, I drastically altered these shopping customs. The construction in Dhaka, which placed several garment factories, came crashing down, killing over 1,000 people and leaving tens of thousands more wounded, which makes it the worst industrial episode to strike the garment sector ever, in accordance with this Clean Clothes Campaign. After observing documentaries such as The True Cost and reading Dana Thomas’s publication Fashionopolis I could no more dismiss the fashion industry’s catastrophic working conditions and ecological abuse.

Besides preventing fast style all together, I took a pledge to always attempt to discover a garment secondhand at first before purchasing something new. After all, choosing pre-owned clothes and so prolonging the life span of a product is the most sustainable form of ingestion. I also developed a new wardrobe plan: Nowadays I handle my cupboard just like a showroom. I am building a capsule set of durable, versatile pieces which go together and which are simple to upgrade for a brand new season with the appropriate styling, the ideal layering, and accessories that are applicable. Blazers, for example, I wear throughout the year. Over a minidress with mules in summer and as a lawsuit paired with tailored trousers, a turtleneck, and shoes in fall.

Need additional inspiration? Let me present one to five young people from Amsterdam with beautiful design who are about re-wearing their garments and upgrading fall looks with secondhand locates.

Amy Pham Thi, co-founder of online antique stores Nho Girl and Buyitnow.club

Teen Vogue: Which part in your wardrobe did you searching for collapse?

Amy Pham Thi: A black leather trench coat which I discovered at a vintage store in Italy. When I tried it , I immediately knew I had found the ideal fall staple. I design the jacket using a linen button-up, jeans, and a striped pink wool Ralph Lauren sweater which I bought from an old lady in a flea market. When the weather makes it, I love to put on the jumper loosely on my shoulders as a scarf. The brownish pointy-toe ankle boots are classic Chanel and therefore are undoubtedly my greatest secondhand locate, ever. I purchased them for only 195 euro ($230) at a vintage shop in Japan.

TV: Where did your passion for classic and thrifting beginning?

APTI grew up in Berlin, and each Sunday my dad would take me into a flea market. It was our weekend tradition. Nowadays I move through heaps of secondhand clothing on a daily basis for my classic businesses. After three decades of doing so fulltime, I’ve learned to dig up treasures quicker. When I locate a product and instantly begin styling a complete outfit around it in my head, I know it is a keeper.

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