This Heated Folding Chair Will Keep Your Butt Nice And Toasty While Outdoors

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This Heated Folding Chair Will Keep Your Butt Nice And Toasty While Outdoors

Are you ready to adopt the cold weather? With this heated folding seat, you are able to remain comfortably warm in the outside regardless of the chilly weather. Summer is nearing its end and this implies weeks will only get colder and colder from today on. Fortunately, the autumn season temperature still makes it possible for us to go outside for camping, fishing or maybe to watch outside sports. But obviously, you will want something to help keep you warm. So, you may enjoy the outside for hours without feeling the cold.

This seat ( which can be aptly named The Hot Seat, has USB-powered heating technologies which warms up the chair with only a push of a button. Simply plug it into any USB battery pack (not included) and press the power button to heat up the chair. It comes with an adjustable heating so that you may set your favorite temperature which range from low, moderate and large modes. Stay warm for hours at the outside as it gradually warms around 110 levels Fahrenheit. There’s no need to bring more blankets or portable heaters. The Hot Seat is all you want to keep you warm in any outdoor activities in chilly season.


Heated Folding Chair

This innovative seat does not only offer heat but it’s also made for relaxation. It features high-density foam padding to offer maximum comfort and dependable back service. The Hot Seat comes with extra armrests for additional relaxation. Additionally, it’s three reclining positions which it is simple to adjust in three easy steps. First, unlock the armrest so it is possible to lift them. Then slip the backrest to recline to a favorite position. Lastly, lock it to maintain the backrest position securely in place.

the hot seat heat settings


the hot seat usb-powered heating


heated folding chair features

This lightweight seat just weighs 11 lbs but its own heavy duty framework can support up to 300 lbs of weight. It additionally includes tons of storage pockets situated around the chair to keep your essentials and beverages within reach. Easy to use and carry anywhere, it includes a reddish quick-release lock for simple unfolding and folding. It also is accompanied by an extra shoulder carry-on bag for simple storage. One fulfilled buyer composed:

“This is the sturdiest and most comfortable chair I’ve ever purchased. The frame is very sturdy and the material is also very durable. All you need for the heater is one of those inexpensive portable battery packs that you use to charge your phone. The seat heats up really fast and there’s 3 heat settings. It’s also super easy to fold up and slide into the carrying case.”

heated folding chair quick release lock


heated folding chair dimensions


the hot seat ample storage pockets

Get yours here.

the hot seat for outdoor camping

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