Sally Surprisingly Finds Baby Possum Clinging To Her Dog’s Back

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Sally Surprisingly Finds Baby Possum Clinging To Her Dog’s Back

Surprises come in several distinct forms. Sometimes, they arrive in the shape of a baby possum at a location where you would least expect it. And where would possibly be, you may ask? Well, on the rear of your pet . Yup, this was the situation for Sally Watkinson who seen an Australian ringtail possum clinging on her Puli puppy’s spine.

Watkinson comprehensive the adorable experience via her Facebook page. She shared her spouse Jon dealt with the issue accordingly. He scouted their place for any nearby wildlife rescue organizations. But to no avail, he also ended up taking the puppies to a local vet to flip over the small critter. Luckily, long afterwards, a wildlife rescue company picked up the infant female marsupial to put it under their attention.


In her article, Watkinson also pointed out the way her puppy Kato did not appear to mind using a tiny passenger on its own back. Likewise, she found it quite surprising that her pet Hugo did not bark “frantically” in it.


Watkinson also contained some photos in her article to spread the cuteness to the online community


Apparently, these infant marsupials find relaxation on her pooch’s long corded coats. Because a day later after the episode, she disclosed the exact same thing occurred again. And that moment, a infant male marsupial found its way to Kato’s back. However, she noticed that “this one was annoying him a bit more as it seemed to be digging in a bit.” But then again, to her surprise, her other dog Hugo “was still ignoring it.”


So, once again, the few turned across the little fellow to the exact same vet. “This time the vet nurse nearly fell off her chair when we turned up,” Watkinson composed in an upgraded version of her article. She also reassured the people that the very first baby marsupial is doing well with her new wildlife carer. Similarly, she noticed that the tiny boy “should also be ok.” Both creatures will probably be released into the wild by now they are old and well enough.

Meanwhile, the few speculates that the bad critters lost their mom to some possum catcher. In answer to some comment on her article, Watkinson composed:

“Possum man has not returned calls regarding what happened to the mother, therefore, no opportunity to reunite and release.”

According into a vet the bunch has consulted, marsupials like the ones that they had discovered generally have a litter of 2 to three. So, they are also watching for a third baby possum which may suddenly pop out of nowhere also. Hopefully, it may also find its way to one of Watkinson’s adorable dogs!


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