Raylan The Dog Loves To Take Care Of The Rescue Kittens At The Shelter And It’s Just The Sweetest Thing

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Raylan The Dog Loves To Take Care Of The Rescue Kittens At The Shelter And It’s Just The Sweetest Thing

Do you think dogs and cats never get together with each other? Well, this puppy demonstrates that canines and felines could be the best of buddies as he chooses on a mission to nurture every rescue kitty out of a cat shelter. There’s been that this stereotype about dogs and cats being competitions and hostile to one another. While there is a natural trend for both of these species to have an antagonistic relationship, they do not really hate each other for no reason. The fact remains, many household cats and dogs are living together in harmony which clearly debunks the canine-feline rivalry.

We’ve heard heartwarming tales about domestic cats and dogs bonding together and being inseparable. Although obviously, both of these species typically create inherent dislike of one another because of predatory instincts, so this does not indicate they can not get together. If a pup has been raised alongside a kitty, the two have a tendency to take care of each other as a portion of their household. Hence, the puppy puts aside the predatory instinct to chase the cat since it doesn’t observe the cat for a prey. But instead, the dog believes the cat for a relative. This clarifies why Raylan is indeed fond of foster kittens. And because you may see, every kitty he had cared for appears to appreciate the affection and care.


Raylan the puppy gently taking good care of a rescue kitty

Raylan is a 9-year-old purebred dog who likes to look after foster cats till they find a loving home. His proprietor works with different animal shelters. With that the rising number of rescue kittensthey chose to give a hand by taking in cats and treat them till they get adopted. Raylan was 3 years old when his owner attracted their very first foster kitten. Surprisingly, the puppy was so tender towards the kitty and he only wanted to play with this. Both Raylan along with the kitty instantly formed a friendship that’s really rare in dogs and cats.




Their first nurture kitten named Watson already found his forever home. Luckily, that he had been adopted by his or her neighbor. So Raylan and Watson still hang out up to this afternoon. But Watson was not the only kitty Raylan had endangered. After Watson, his owners was bringing in foster kittens from various shelters. And Raylan could not be any happier each time he meets a new companion.


“He cleans them constantly (which is very very helpful when they’re really young), as well as playing with them and carrying them around. He also stops them if they try to scratch the sofa.”, Raylan’s proprietor stocks.





He Even Has His Own Instagram Page

His proprietor shares photos and videos of all Raylan cuddling and caring for every kitty on his own Instagram page. You may observe the real love he gives to every foster kitten as though they were his very own kids. He has managed to nurture over 60 kittens. And that the kindhearted doggo appears to have sufficient love to spare to get all these poor kitties. Of class, the sad part of becoming a parent is visiting with your foster child depart for their new residence. So, how can Raylan deal with this melancholic instant?


“He’s usually ready for a rest when the kittens leave and never seems sad afterwards, but after a few weeks of alone time he starts to get sad if I don’t get new kittens – and when new kittens come he’s always so happy and excited. New kitten day is his favorite day!”, his owner states.

We’ve picked out the cutest and the most touching moments in which Raylan reveals his boundless passion for kittens. Don’t forget to follow with this adorable doggo on Instagram to view his latest adventures.




































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