People Have Been Sharing Adorable Photos Of Their German Shepherd Puppies And They Don’t Disappoint

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People Have Been Sharing Adorable Photos Of Their German Shepherd Puppies And They Don’t Disappoint

We do not usually use the expression ‘cute’ to characterize exactly the bravest dog breed on the planet. If anything, German Shepherds are usually described as faithful, imperial and protective. But these adorable German Shepherd puppies will alter how you look at those stalwart canines. A German shepherd is probably what springs to mind when thinking about a police or army puppy. Indeed, these large-sized working dogs have been known to be associated with being on the line of responsibility.

Strong and Loaded, these strong dogs create the most dependable watchdogs. They are very loyal to their owners but may be aggressive towards strangers, particularly when they’re compromised. These puppy breeds are also smart and easy to train, which makes them the best option for army dogs and authorities K-9 units. Furthermore, they’re endowed with exceptional scenting ability which makes them an ideal match for search and rescue operations and as members of a bomb squad. But until they became valorous canines, they were adorable pups first. And in case you are wondering exactly what GSD puppies look like, we have got these pics to show you how adorable they really are.


Adorable German Shepherd Puppies That Will Melt Your Heart

This valiant puppy breed is the 2nd most popular breed in the United States, using all the Labrador Retriever taking the top place. Of course, taking the second place means a lot looking at the huge multitude of puppy breeds on earth. And it’s easy to see why those brawny doggos are really well-loved. But, the dogs seem like their brawny adult counterpart. As pupsthey seem tiny and cuddly like adorable baby bears. Moreover, that they are ready to play and snuggle.


“We always thought he would grow into his ears..”


“Branch Manager & Assistant Branch Manager”


“First day in the office [K9 Puppy]”

While these dogs are extremely cautious of strangers, so they are inclined to allow their goofy demeanor loose if they are about their owners. As loved pets, they’re protective of their own families. They are eager to place their own lives on the line to protect their loved ones against dangers and threat. Part of the objective is to please their people and also to ensure they are safe. Even if they develop to become intimidating guard dogsthey are constantly up for snuggling with their human companions.


“This is our GSD pup, Pepper, we believe she is part bear.”


“My boss got a puppy and brought her into the office. Productivity went waaay down.”


“My puppy Gigi, figured she could get some love here”


“Bunny outfits are the best!”


Police Puppy


“The cutest *MLEM* you’ll see all day”


“I love this happy face”


“Please see instruction manual before assembling german shepherd puppy.”


“German shepherd? I think we adopted a kangaroo.”


“My new puppy admires the heck out of her older brother”


Adorable Pup


“Well he figured out that he can splash water everywhere”


“This fluffy boy came into the shelter I work at”


“Enjoying the air con!”


“Asked for a snap of my GSD to show my friend…”


“When your food bowl is empty and you asking for more”


“My Shepherd puppy in the ‘Teepee’ ear stage”


He Grew A Bit


“Cute boi”


“My puppy is so happy to see his littermate when we meet up to go to the park. Twins”


“My (at the time) 2 yo son with our 8 week old German Shepherd dressed as SWAT members”


“because puppy”




“My 8 week German Shepard has one lazy ear”


“Totally invisible. Right?!”


“Chasing bubbles”


“German Shepherd Branch Manager”


“Baby German Shepherd for the win!”


“My favorite little German Shepherd”


Belly Rub, Please


“Play date at the park”


“Adorable GSD puppy at the vet”


“Moments before attacking my phone.”


“He’s getting bigger”


“My new unhelpful helper”


“This is the day my hoomans got me, look how little I was”


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