Novak Djokovic made a weird and uncomfortable exit from the U.S. Open. Of course he did.

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Novak Djokovic made a bizarre and uncomfortable exit from the U.S. Open. Of course he did.

If a peeved Rafael Nadal had yanked a tennis ball from his pocket earlier than a changeover and smacked it inadvertently towards a lineswoman, that ball would have traveled with scrumptious spin till it stopped safely shy of the individual, whereupon it could have practiced the utmost manners. It may even have tried to rub its fuzz on her cheek to enhance her day.

Even within the lavish glory of the Big Three, life is simply bumpier for some — proper from the start.

Seriously, if any person had instructed you the preposterous fact that one of many three had defaulted in a freakish U.S. Open in a freaky yr through which he had a 26-Zero match file. … If any person had mentioned one of many three took a U.S. Open that regarded virtually earmarked for him and departed jarringly on the center Sunday and left the children to parse and divvy up the prizes. … If somebody mentioned one of many three had suffered such bum luck that top-10 participant Alexander Zverev had mentioned, “If he would have hit it anywhere else, if it would have landed anywhere else, we are talking about a few inches, he would have been fine.” … And if somebody had mentioned one of many three then wrote an Instagram post proclaiming, “As for the disqualification, I need to go back within and work on my disappointment and turn this all into a lesson for my growth and evolution as a player and a human being … ”

Yeah, your first two guesses don’t depend.

No, he doesn’t have to do all of that stuff in that sentence he wrote. He must keep away from whacking any balls throughout any changeovers, and that’s all. He lengthy since has helped Federer and Nadal set up a three-man reign of diplomacy atop the lads’s recreation, and Djokovic’s on-court demeanor lengthy since has certified as exemplary, deluging and overwhelming his dwindled hiccups. This has occurred amid crowds typically jerky of their sneering and sniveling at his triumphs whereas they allege his theft of goodies from the beloved different two, a actuality Djokovic has dealt with with gobs of grace. (For a tremendous flip of decency, catch his muted, empathetic response to profitable that winding donnybrook of a 2019 Wimbledon ultimate in opposition to each Federer and a disrespectful crowd.) He is each bit part of the trio that has ushered the sport effectively past its brat days, these historical instances that ought to have featured default ceremonies with ugly default trophies and howling default music routinely for, say, John McEnroe, whose fourth-round default from heroic chair umpire Gerry Armstrong at the 1990 Australian Open involves thoughts first, Grand Slam-wise, with the Djokovic lunacy.

It’s simply that, amongst that trio, Djokovic has all the time held down third place in smoothness.

From the get-go, Federer hailed from Switzerland, which has breathed peace for thus lengthy you’ll be able to really feel it within the air upon arrival and emergence to the primary sidewalk. Nadal hailed from Mallorca — Mallorca! — in a rustic (Spain) that has its divisions much like different international locations we all know (cough), however that had simply sprouted with all its verve and style from a historic horror. On any listing of nominees for Best Sporting Event Ever, its 1992 Olympics in Barcelona would price.

Djokovic, born in then-Yugoslavia and hailing from now-Serbia, grew up in a area in collapse and at battle, and although some Federer followers who ship emails to reporters typically appear prepared to say Djokovic brought on that disaster, he didn’t trigger that disaster, having turned four across the time of its outset. Rising out of a damaged state needed to current untold obstacles of many layers past the plain. He arrived within the tennis floodlights as Federer and Nadal had commanded them for some time and as they took over possession of hearts across the planet, and he resided at No. three for thus lengthy he might have paid taxes there.

Then, as he has butted in so implausibly and impressively, and reached nearly their degree of eminence, and resided in Monaco (by no means thoughts these taxes), he has tried to match the opposite two in ambassadorship, along with his makes an attempt lots commendable even because the gears of his attempting do appear to grind till mistaken for inauthenticity.

Time after time, he embodies the road Sean Penn crafted upon receiving a second Oscar: “I want it to be very clear that I do know how hard I make it to appreciate me, often.” The grinding has been notably graphic on this grinding yr. Djokovic tried to assist out in a pandemic by conducting a dangerous exhibition event collection at which a number of gamers and others, together with him and his spouse, contracted the novel coronavirus. He spoke against vaccinations. He spearheaded a transfer towards a brand new gamers’ affiliation with vagueness and incoherence. He’s sitting on 17 Grand Slam titles whereas the opposite two sit on 20 (Federer) and 19 (Nadal), after which simply when he had gained 5 of the earlier seven and appeared primed to nudge up proper subsequent to them as they sat out this U.S. Open, right here comes this silliness plus clunkiness to equal scariness.

Think of it now: He nonetheless might change into the best participant ever and the one standing No. 1 ever defaulted from a Grand Slam. It’s a mix one may name Djokovician if that had been pronounceable.

Surely everybody however the fringey-ist fringe will discover the default affordable. Surely everybody however these barking on the moon values the Grand Slam rule defending these working across the courts and nods at seeing it utilized. There’s all the time a whiff of refreshment in a world of double-standard guidelines when the principles apply coldly to celebrity gamers at starry occasions. The New York Times overheard Djokovic himself saying to event referee Soeren Friemel, throughout their on-court dialog, “I know it’s tough for you whatever call you make.”

It’s simply that from among the many three ambassadors, the 2 naturals and the one who tries so gamely, the inconceivable absurdity that occurred Sunday in Flushing Meadows might have occurred solely to at least one, the one whose hovering flight all the time appears to steer the trio in clouds and turbulence.

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