Kroger’s New Dragon’s Dream Ice Cream Is Toasted Marshmallow Flavor With Hot Chocolate Swirls And Candy Bits

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Kroger’s New Dragon’s Dream Ice Cream Is Toasted Marshmallow Flavor With Hot Chocolate Swirls And Candy Bits

Is there anything more magical than ice cream? The chances of the frozen treat are infinite and Kroger is definitely on a roll! Their in-house ice cream manufacturer was doling out lots of excellent flavors lately. Lovers of mythical creatures and candy-flavored ice cream certain have had their own sweet tooth spoiled this season, together with the invention of this Unicorn Swirl, Mermaid Sparkle and Ooh La Llama tastes. And today, Kroger is bringing their dream frozen offerings complete circle with all the Dragon’s Dream Ice Cream! ) And the ice cream’s actual taste is just as whimsical as its title.

A green monster that is thankfully breathing flame guards the ice cream tub. The tail has been wrapped round a somewhat humungous marshmallow that is partly topped with fudge syrup on one side along with candy pieces on the opposite. And based on the tag, this taste will taste just like toasted marshmallow ice cream with hot chocolate swirls and candy pieces. This mix sounds totally cozy, making it an ideal cure to enjoy during those cool fall days. But what that has got us all interested is your ice cream — have you ever noticed let alone tasted purple hot chocolate? Neither have !



Enchant your taste buds with all the Dragon’s Dream Ice Cream from Kroger

Since the ice cream includes a flavor profile motivated by hot chocolate, one would like to view chocolate-colored ice cream at the bathtub. But that would have made this Deluxe Ice Cream too regular! Clearly, Kroger’s in-house ice cream wizards have outdone themselves this time! The toasted marshmallow-flavored ice cream combines Kroger’s super sweet lineup of fantasy-themed frozen dairy desserts. In the event you have not discovered, the Unicorn Swirl includes a cake batter foundation; the Mermaid Sparkle version, on the other hand, will suit your cotton candy cravings. Meanwhile, that the Ooh La Llama ice-cream provides fruity flavors.



It appears that Kroger comes with an offering ready to satisfy your sweet tooth wildest ice cream fantasy! They’ve got numerous tastes available that you probably won’t leave their shop with only the Dragon’s Dream. The taste has already struck Kroger’s freezer aisle, as Instagram consumer @tamisclock has already discovered it. Aside out of Kroger, the ice cream is available at Smith’s Food and Drug, so that you won’t need to miss out on this wonderful taste if there is no Kroger close to your home nonetheless. Since there isn’t any sign that this taste is really a limited-time-offer, we are really leaning on it available forever. Honestly the only way we could imagine ingesting this dragon-themed ice cream would be by dipping it in liquid nitrogen so that we could have that “dragon’s breath” impact while we like it!

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