John Wall Apologizes After Video of Him Throwing Up Gang Signs Goes Viral, Twitter Reacts

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John Wall Apologizes After Video of Him Throwing Up Gang Signs Goes Viral, Twitter Reacts

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John Wall has not been around a basketball court at a hot moment due to unfortunate injuries, however its great to understand his gang signal throwing skills continue to be on stage.


The Washington Wizards all-star protector was trending Twitter, and it had nothing to do with his return to action following season. For some reason, someone shared with a video of John Wall at Brooklyn proudly repping his group, and to hammer home the point, he a flashed a reddish a bandana. Also, the absence of social distancing at the middle of a worldwide pandemic more than probably added to the stress of this Washington Wizards leading office, who likely blew a gasket seeing their star player danger catching rona to hang out with the homies.

Since it is submitting, the video was shared 30,000 occasions on Twitter and seen more than a million occasions. Wall likely got a phone call in the NBA along with his group and also issued an apology expeditiously on Twitter following a bevy of responses to it. In it, ” he apologized to his loved ones, teammates, and fans, asserting the video was a “mistake” and “regrets” it.

“First and foremost, I want to apologize to my family, my teammates, and all of those that have always supported me. I made a mistake, something I regret. I will continue to work hard to be better on the court and, more importantly off the court.”

Even though this video of Wall throwing up gang signs has caught fire Twitter, this behaviour is not anything new to Wall, who’s been repping his collection on while balling out on NBA courts for some time today, as many on social websites have been pointing out.

Still, there have been lots of humorous responses to this video, naturally. Many Twitter users pointing to Bradley Beal’s disappointment finding out his teammate is outside her “gang banging” while he had been doing his very best to maintain the Wizards in contention.

We don’t think Wall is busy in that life , and moreover, if individuals are really his boys, then they won’t let him mess up the money. BUT whomever shared that video nearly got Wall in some serious problem and could’ve stopped the tote. Gotta be careful, Mr. Wall.

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