Jimmy Garoppolo is looking for his third party Super Bowl win. ) This time, he will need to work for this.

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Jimmy Garoppolo is seeking his third Super Bowl win. This time, he’ll have to work for it.

The appropriate characterization of this is open to interpretation since the 49ers prepare to manage the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. It is a quarterbacks league, also San Francisco was alongside unbeatable with Garoppolo at the lineup because trading for him. But he’s not consistently set up the departure numbers of a franchise quarterback because the bargain, and also the 49ers gathered through the NFC playoffs on the strength of the imposing defense along with their successful running game.

Yet Garoppolo’s teammates are quick to defend him and effusive in their praise . And Garoppolo promises to be ready in the event the conditions of Sunday’s match change this Super Bowl to a passing duel between him and his much more distinguished Chiefs counterpart, Patrick Mahomes, that the third-year expert who had been the league’s MVP in his second NFL season.

“As a quarterback, you want to throw it, obviously,” Garoppolo said. “But it’s tough, though. When you’re running the ball for eight yards a carry, moving the sticks play after play, it’s like, ‘Do you really want to pass it?’ I’m in that mind-set of whatever it takes to win. I’ve been like that my whole life. When you’ve got a team of guys like that like we do, it makes you tough to beat.”

Garoppolo totaled only 27 passing efforts and 208 passing yards in lopsided playoff triumphs over the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers. That would be eligible as a fairly good first half of one match for Mahomes. But it worked just fine for its 49ers.

Garoppolo has shown that he’s a perfectly competent passer. He threw for 27 touchdowns and nearly twice,000 yards during the regular season. Teammates out of cornerback Richard Sherman to tight end George Kittle are quick to defend Garoppolo openly, and also the 49ers say they are convinced that Garoppolo will win the match for them when the Chiefs’ defense pays too much focus on this San Francisco working game.

Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner stated he believes Garoppolo could be effective if the 49ers select — or are forced — to rely upon their passing game Sunday. But that also could lead to errors being made by Garoppolo, Warner said.

“I definitely think he can deliver,” stated Warner, a analyst for NFL Network. “My biggest thing with Jimmy is that … sometimes he misses defenders. His vision gets clouded or he’s so focused on trying to make the throw that he misses guys. And so you’ll see, kind of like the Minnesota game a couple weeks ago, they had two opportunities for easy interceptions, and they made one and they didn’t make the other. I think there will be a few of those plays for Jimmy in this game. I think that’s where he’s at as a quarterback.”

What Garoppolo should perform, Warner stated, is prevent having one of these errant throws come in an integral moment.

“There might be one throw, and that throw can be the difference-making play in a Super Bowl,” Warner said. “And can the Chiefs make that play? Can Jimmy avoid that play? That, to me, is probably a bigger question than: Do I think he can make enough plays to win? Yeah, I definitely think that.”

Since the trade, the 49ers have been 21-5 in games started by Garoppolo, involving the 2 successes in this year’s playoffs. He came in San Francisco with 2 Super Bowl rings out of his Patriots tenure as Brady’s understudy. Kittle was a rookie when Garoppolo made his first start for its 49ers late at the 2017 year following the trade. He recalled when Garoppolo talked on the group’s sideline during that match, it was instantly obvious that he commanded admiration.

“Every head on the sideline snapped — coaches, trainers, equipment managers, ballboys, every single player,” Kittle said. “And everyone listened to what he had to say. It was just like the first time in my life I’d ever seen anything like that.”

It had nothing to do with Garoppolo’s New England history, Kittle said. There wasn’t any suspicion he’d attracted a sliver of this Patriots’ winning magical into the Bay Area together with him. It was only Garoppolo’s simple approach and dependability.

“It’s just the guy is a leader,” Kittle said. “He doesn’t have a front. He’s not fake at all. Everything he says, he does. All he does is show up and he plays ball. That’s all he does every single time he steps on a football field. When you can lead by example, that’s all people want to see.”

Garoppolo stated he strove to learn his courses New England and employ what he collected from celebrating Brady. But he was not, he explained, attempting for a Brady clone.

“I try not to be anything but myself,” Garoppolo said. “So I think it’s always come naturally to me. As I’ve gotten older and everything, I think it’s become more and more out there. I tried to learn some things from Tom. But when you start doing things that aren’t natural to yourself — these guys out here are pretty smart, so they’ll see right through you if you start acting not as yourself.”

Now he’s at a Super Bowl, together with all the Patriots nowhere in sight and Brady considering his NFL potential because he approaches an offseason where he is going to be eligible for free service. There have been reports that Patriots owner Robert Kraft motivated Coach Bill Belichick to create the Garoppolo trade, and there’s been speculation which Brady wasn’t a willing mentor to Garoppolo and their relationship was strained. But Garoppolo says he’s thankful for his period in New England.

“Your past is always part of you,” he explained. “The Patriots is where I started, really introduced me to the whole program and how different it is than college. I thank everyone over there for everything they did for me. Obviously what they did there got me to this point here. So I think everything’s tied together.”

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