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CARLISLE, PA — It’s been too long — too long really since the Carlisle Auctions brand was front and centre as part of a Carlisle Events automotive occasion. With auctions cancelled as a result of coronavirus from the spring and summertime, Carlisle Auctions will introduce a two-day, 400 automobile offering as part of Fall Carlisle 2020. While Fall Carlisle itself runs September 30-October 4 in the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, only a couple blocks west in the Carlisle Expo Center, nearly 100 years of automotive excellence will cross the cube October 2 & 1.

Powered with an all-new venture with the AACA Museum, Inc. , Carlisle Auctions second auction of this season hosts over a half dozen automobiles in the memorial, including a few that are out of pre-war era. In addition, these time capsules are impeccable and not just have to be seen to be considered but will certainly draw large scale focus from collectors throughout the nation. Commitments in the AACA collection contain a 1926 Packard 4-Door Club Dietrich, 1926 Wills St. Clair, 1931 Cadillac Town, 1935 Brewster Sedan, 1946 Kaiser Street Rod, 1956 Chrysler Imperial plus also a 1991 Jaguar XJS.

In addition to such stone, Carlisle Auctions provides an eclectic mixture of muscle and more collector cars in the past, current as well as a few future classics. Thursday, October 1 in about 5 tractors, trucks take centre stage. An all-truck hour can help transition the tons from early daily 1 into the heavy hitters of this day. Big trucks, small trucks and even some SUVs will probably be a part of this auction.

Powered by Carlisle Auctions FREE UNLESS SOLD warranty, auction occasions offer you competitive prices which are a few of the finest in the market, world winner auctioneers, years of expertise and a broad range of marketing steps that aim to optimize exposure for dedicated consignments.

“We are excited to return to the Carlisle Expo Center for our Fall Carlisle Auction,” noted Tony Cline, Director of Auction Operations. “We’ve been hearing from buyers and sellers alike who are anxious for the event,” lasted Cline. “We feel this will be one of our best available lots of cars in some time, with different types and styles available dating back to the early 1920s. We are still actively taking consignments and encourage those interested in bidding to register in advance. I can’t wait to see you starting October 1.”

Vehicles will start loading in on Tuesday, September 29. All outside placements can be looked at by one and all, but ONLY occasion staff, enrolled buyers/sellers and guests and choose business partners are allowed to enter Expo Center throughout the auction. Due to amassing restrictions, overall audiences are limited from entering the Expo Center. The market begins at 12 pm every day and contains an all-truck themed hour October 1 in approximately 5 pm If a desirable lot does not promote, Carlisle Auctions provides a “Still for Sale” alternative for one final chance at linking seller and purchaser person to individual and from the spotlight of this auction block. “Still for Sale” can be obtained beginning October 1 and can be offered in person for a couple of days following the event in person and online in for about 3 weeks.

As section of Carlisle Auctions health security steps, masks are needed for entrance and inside, multiple hands washing/sanitizing channels will be accessible, restrooms, food and service areas will be cleaned and optimistic bidders are invited to pre-register for simpler packet pickup. In addition, concession choices will probably be altered. Learn about these steps and details on bidding (in person, online or on the phone), purchasing and more by calling 717-960-6400 or online through aforementioned Carlisle Auctions webpage . )

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Carlisle Events is a partner or producer of over a dozen annual collector car/truck events. Events are held at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds (Carlisle, PA), Allentown Fairgrounds (Allentown, PA), the Sunset Auction Facility (Sarasota, FL) and the SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus (Lakeland, FL). The season schedule includes four automotive flea markets of varying size, five auctions, as well as individual specialty shows featuring Corvettes, Fords, GMs, Chryslers, trucks, imports, tuners and performance sport compacts. Founded in 1974 by friends Bill Miller and Chip Miller, events hosted at Carlisle attract enthusiasts annually from all corners of the globe. More information is available at or

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