Iceland August 2020: Toyota RAV4 leads, MG ZS in Top 5, market down -27.5%

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Iceland August 2020 Toyota RAV4 leads MG ZS in Top - Iceland August 2020: Toyota RAV4 leads, MG ZS in Top 5, market down -27.5%The Toyota RAV4 is #1 in Iceland in August.

After an excruciating 6 year hiatus, month-to-month updates for Iceland are again on BSCB because of a tip from certainly one of our native readers Ingólfur, and this time it’s not simply an All-brands rating bit additionally a whole All-models. Given this new trove of knowledge covers month-to-month gross sales for the previous decade, you’re additionally more likely to see some Historical Data updates for Iceland within the close to future.

In August new automotive gross sales in Iceland freefall -27.5% year-on-year to 582 registrations, resulting in a year-to-date tally off -31.4% to six.256 items. Toyota shoots as much as a gargantuan 26.3% share vs. 16.4% to date this yr, promoting roughly 3 times the quantity of the #2 Kia at 9.3% share. Volkswagen is as much as #Three with 6.2% of the market vs. #5 and 6.5% to date in 2020, equalling Volvo (6.2%) up from #Eight YTD and distancing Hyundai (5.2%) down from #Three in 2020. Peugeot (#8), Mercedes (#9) and Ford (#10) all evolve nicely above their respective YTD ranges of #14, #11 and #22. Notice additionally MG as much as #13 and a couple of.7% share vs. #27 and 0.5% to date this yr, Porsche as much as #19 and 1.4% vs. #25 and 0.6%. With no cargo to the nation from the US, Tesla is on pause with zero gross sales in August however ranks #Four with 7.4% share year-to-date.

In the fashions rating, the Toyota RAV4 lurches to 13.7% share in pole place vs. #2 and 6.1% share to date this yr, however even when the Tesla Model Three information no sale in August, it nonetheless comfortably leads the YTD charts with 7.2% share. The Toyota Yaris is as much as 2nd place and 5.2% share vs. #6 and a couple of.7% YTD whereas the Volvo XC60 does even higher, as much as #Three and three.6% vs. #13 and 1.7% to date in 2020. The MG ZS breaks into the Icelandic Top 5 with 2.7% of August volumes, promoting half its YTD tally this month (16 out of 32). The the rest of the August Top 10 already options within the YTD Top 10, denoting exceptional stability for such a little market.

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Full August 2020 Top 40 All-brands and Top 185 All-models beneath.

Iceland August 2020 – manufacturers:

13MG162.7%320.5%27 –
15Land Rover152.6%1302.1%1515
33Luano Camp00.0%00.0% –36
37Alfa Romeo00.0%20.0%3538
39Bentley00.0%10.0%38 –

Iceland August 2020 – fashions:

1Toyota RAV48013.7%3836.1%2
2Toyota Yaris305.2%1672.7%6
3Volvo XC60213.6%1091.7%13
4Mitsubishi Outlander183.1%3094.9%3
5MG ZS162.7%320.5%55
6Toyota Land Cruiser 150142.4%2504.0%4
7Audi e-Tron142.4%1742.8%5
8Kia Niro132.2%1612.6%7
9VW Golf132.2%1252.0%8
10Hyundai Kona132.2%1201.9%10
11Toyota Aygo122.1%370.6%47
12Kia Optima111.9%560.9%33
13Kia Sportage101.7%931.5%18
14Volvo XC40101.7%841.3%20
15Skoda Superb101.7%520.8%35
16Suzuki Ignis101.7%490.8%38
17Ford Kuga101.7%200.3%69
18Toyota Corolla91.5%1081.7%14
19Peugeot 20891.5%450.7%40
20Suzuki Jimny81.4%1001.6%16
21VW Kombi81.4%350.6%50
22Peugeot 200881.4%190.3%72
23Hyundai Tucson71.2%961.5%17
24Honda CR-V71.2%781.2%23
25Honda Jazz71.2%480.8%39
26Land Rover Discovery71.2%320.5%54
27Mercedes GLC61.0%350.6%49
28Hyundai i2050.9%1211.9%9
29Skoda Kodiaq50.9%1101.8%12
30Kia Ceed50.9%1001.6%15
31Dacia Duster50.9%881.4%19
32Kia Sorento50.9%811.3%21
33Nissan Leaf50.9%691.1%26
34Volvo XC9050.9%661.1%28
35Skoda Karoq50.9%400.6%44
36Land Rover Defender50.9%330.5%52
37Porsche Cayenne50.9%240.4%65
38BMW X150.9%180.3%73
39Ford Puma50.9%70.1%111
40Nissan Qashqai40.7%1161.9%11
41VW Polo40.7%791.3%22
42Mazda CX-3040.7%490.8%36
43Kia Soul40.7%430.7%42
45Jaguar i-Pace40.7%230.4%67
46Mini Cooper40.7%200.3%70
47Suzuki Swift30.5%731.2%24
48Skoda Octavia30.5%661.1%27
49Mercedes EQC30.5%430.7%43
50BMW X530.5%340.5%51
51VW Passat30.5%290.5%60
52Jeep Grand Cherokee30.5%270.4%61
53Audi Q530.5%170.3%75
54Mercedes A Class30.5%170.3%78
55Kia Rio30.5%160.3%80
56Suzuki SX430.5%160.3%83
57VW Up!30.5%160.3%84
58Mercedes Vito Tourer30.5%140.2%89
59Renault Kadjar30.5%90.1%106
60Porsche Taycan30.5%50.1%124
61Ford Explorer30.5%30.0%136
62Toyota Proace City Verso30.5%30.0%141
63Hyundai i1020.3%570.9%31
64Peugeot 300820.3%570.9%32
65Toyota C-HR20.3%530.8%34
66Mercedes GLE20.3%490.8%37
67BMW X320.3%440.7%41
68Hyundai Ioniq20.3%320.5%53
69VW T-Roc20.3%310.5%56
70Nissan Micra20.3%300.5%57
71Peugeot 500820.3%260.4%63
72Citroen C5 Aircross20.3%170.3%76
73Subaru XV20.3%130.2%93
74Renault Clio20.3%120.2%97
75Range Rover Evoque20.3%110.2%101
76Toyota Proace20.3%100.2%104
77Man TGE20.3%20.0%151
78Opel Crossland X20.3%20.0%153
79Kia Stonic10.2%721.2%25
80Suzuki Vitara10.2%601.0%30
81Subaru Forester10.2%400.6%45
82VW Touareg10.2%380.6%46
83Renault Zoe10.2%290.5%59
84VW T-Cross10.2%260.4%64
85Range Rover Sport10.2%210.3%68
86Lexus RX10.2%160.3%81
87Mazda CX-510.2%160.3%82
88Hyundai Santa Fe10.2%150.2%85
89Honda HR-V10.2%140.2%88
91Mitsubishi ASX10.2%120.2%95
92Opel Grandland X10.2%120.2%96
93Toyota Camry10.2%110.2%99
94Kia Picanto10.2%100.2%103
95Mercedes GLS10.2%80.1%107
96Renault Trafic10.2%80.1%108
97Lexus NX10.2%70.1%112
98Subaru Outback10.2%70.1%114
99Mercedes E Class10.2%50.1%123
100Ssangyong Korando10.2%50.1%126
101VW Multivan10.2%50.1%129
102Ford Fiesta10.2%40.1%131
103Mercedes G Class10.2%40.1%132
104Skoda Kamiq10.2%40.1%133
105Citroen Berlingo10.2%30.0%145
106Ford Transit10.2%20.0%148
107Jaguar F-Pace10.2%20.0%149
108Kia Stinger10.2%20.0%150
109Citroen C3 Aircross10.2%10.0%164
110Opel Corsa10.2%10.0%167
111Tesla Model 300.0%4537.2%1
112Hyundai i3000.0%611.0%29
113Opel Ampera-e00.0%300.5%58
114Nissan X-Trail00.0%260.4%62
115Jeep Compass00.0%240.4%66
116Ssangyong Rexton00.0%200.3%71
117Land Rover Discovery Sport00.0%180.3%74
118Ford Focus00.0%170.3%77
119Nissan Juke00.0%170.3%79
120Jeep Wrangler00.0%150.2%86
121Mercedes Sprinter00.0%150.2%87
122Ssangyong Tivoli00.0%140.2%90
123Range Rover00.0%130.2%92
124Honda Civic00.0%120.2%94
125Mercedes V Class00.0%110.2%98
126VW Tiguan00.0%110.2%100
127Audi A300.0%100.2%102
128VW Caddy00.0%100.2%105
129Tesla Model X00.0%80.1%109
130Citroen C300.0%70.1%110
131Renault Koleos00.0%70.1%113
132Volvo S6000.0%70.1%115
133Volvo V6000.0%70.1%116
134Citroen C4 Spacetourer00.0%70.1%117
135Dacia Sandero00.0%70.1%118
136Lexus UX00.0%60.1%119
137Renault Captur00.0%60.1%120
138Mercedes GLA00.0%60.1%121
139Opel Karl00.0%60.1%122
140Renault Megane00.0%50.1%125
141Tesla Model S00.0%50.1%127
142Toyota Prius00.0%50.1%128
143Ford Galaxy00.0%50.1%130
144Volvo S9000.0%40.1%134
145Porsche Macan00.0%40.1%135
146Jaguar E-Pace00.0%30.0%137
147Mercedes B Class00.0%30.0%138
148Nissan E-NV20000.0%30.0%139
149Suzuki Baleno00.0%30.0%140
150Jeep Cherokee00.0%30.0%142
151Dacia Logan00.0%30.0%143
152Porsche 91100.0%30.0%144
153BMW X700.0%20.0%146
154Citroen C4 Cactus00.0%20.0%147
155Mercedes CLA00.0%20.0%152
156Skoda Fabia00.0%20.0%154
157Mini Countryman00.0%20.0%155
158Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross00.0%20.0%156
159Subaru Impreza00.0%20.0%157
160Range Rover Velar00.0%20.0%158
161Jeep Renegade00.0%20.0%159
162Mercedes C Class00.0%20.0%160
163BMW X600.0%20.0%161
164Audi A100.0%10.0%162
165Audi Q700.0%10.0%163
166Ford Transit Custom00.0%10.0%165
167Mercedes Marco Polo00.0%10.0%166
168Peugeot 50800.0%10.0%168
169Peugeot Rifter00.0%10.0%169
170Toyota Land Cruiser00.0%10.0%170
171Porsche 718 Cayman00.0%10.0%171
172VW Arteon00.0%10.0%172
173Bentley Bentayga00.0%10.0%173
174VW California00.0%10.0%174
175Opel Combo Life00.0%10.0%175
176Lexus ES00.0%10.0%176
177Ford Expedition00.0%10.0%177
178Alfa Romeo Giulia00.0%10.0%178
179Alfa Romeo Giulietta00.0%10.0%179
180Lexus IS00.0%10.0%180
181Fiat Panda00.0%10.0%181
182Fiat Tipo00.0%10.0%182
183Ford Tourneo Custom00.0%10.0%183
184BMW X400.0%10.0%184
185Jaguar XE00.0%10.0%185

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