Google's latest Effort at Fulfilling Area Equipment focuses on Ease

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Google's latest attempt at meeting room gear focuses on simplicity

To better view everyone, the Series One kits include a routine Smart Camera or the “extra large” variant which goes around 4K resolution. It utilizes a 20.3-megapixel sensor with 4.3x optical zoom plus provides digital pan, zoom and tilt motions because of this greater resolution. Google also utilizes similar applications to the Nest Hub Max here by providing automatic player framing. It functions with chambers with around 10 to 18 individuals

When there is just one individual in a huge area, they could use the one-touch automobile zoom option to the control panel so callers may better view them. As additional men and women join the assembly, the wise camera will zoom out to add them in the framework. Google stated its system acknowledges the number of individuals in the area “based on physical bodies and other attributes and sound,” and it does not utilize face scanning. Also stated that every kit may “anonymously sense the number of participants in the meeting to help monitor room utilization and maintain safety protocols.”

This signifies the cameras can keep an eye on how many men and women are in a space, and group product director TJ Varghese stated in a briefing this may be extended further to “any new types of requirements, whether it be social distancing requirements etc.”


Varghese also stated the company is conscious of problems within cameras making darker skintones. “I think this is something that the industry is finally acknowledged and is accepting and we are actively working with partners to develop algorithms that can do this,” he explained. The company has a roadmap set up that will consider creating “constant improvements on lighting and processing for low light, processing of HDR etc.” We’ll learn more in the forthcoming months,” Varghese stated, adding “our goal as Google is to effectively develop and represent darker skin tones in a much better way than traditionally cameras have.”

The remaining portions of those kits are rather straightforward. The 10.1-inch touchscreen control panel appears much like the Nest Hub Max, whereas the microphone pods are much like the pucks we already seen in several offices, but for the cloth covering that is shown up in Google’s other smart home devices. In reality, all of the Series One products contain the exact same curved corners and cloth that is widespread in additional Google hardware. The controls (both touchscreen and easy handheld remote) will support voice command so it is possible to dial into a meeting by requesting Assistant to link you.

Google Meet Series One hardware office meeting room kits


Two colour choices will be accessible for the whole show — chalk and charcoal — and also the little room kit will cost $1,699. Google stated it created Series One to be “an investment for the long haul” and they are expected to continue five or more decades. While Lenovo is a launch partner for its new equipment, Google also stated it may have other goods with different hardware manufacturers for its Series later on. Though the company has partnered with the likes of ASUS and Lenovo on fulfilling room hardware previously, that the Series One seems to be a concerted effort in making its own apparatus using well-integrated Google applications.

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