Farmer Finds Rare Albino Indian Flapshell Turtle That Looks Like Melted Cheese

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Farmer Finds Rare Albino Indian Flapshell Turtle That Looks Like Melted Cheese

Rare turtles using an odd yellow colour happen to be making an appearance in numerous places in India. The initial one was seen in Odisha’s Balasore district back in July. More lately, locals rescued another yellow turtle in the pond in Burdwan, West Bengal. Apparently, All these are rare albino Indian flapshell turtles and individuals online are astounded with their eccentric look.

Generally, you may find Indian flapshell turtles in South Asian nations for example India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Pakistan. These freshwater turtles are a known omnivore, therefore their diet is made up largely of aquatic plant, fish, frogs, snails and fish. Although that they are usually dark brown and green in colour, these ones are glowing yellow.


Indian Forest Service officer Debashish Sharma took to Twitter to discuss some photos of this turtle rescued in West Bengal. As found in the photos, the turtle includes a yellow shell and skin. So, individuals couldn’t help but urge it such as a piece of cheese and an egg yolk. Well, we could not agree more. It’s worth pointing out that the turtle comes with a set of pink eyes, which will be signals albinism.


Indian flapshell turtles are typically dark brown and green in colour


Meanwhile, the ones lately seen by locals have a yellow shell and skin. So, they are really albino Indian flapshell turtles



Siddhartha Pati, the executive manager in the Association for Biodiversity Conservation, elaborated about the science supporting the turtle’s exceptional look.

“It is a congenital disorder, and it is characterized by complete or partial absence of tyrosine pigment. Also, sometimes a mutation takes place in the gene sequence or there is a deficiency of tyrosine.”

Tyrosine is an amino acid which plays an essential part in the creation of saliva. As you may already understand, melanin is the pigment that gives color to our eyes, skin and hair. It’s also the exact identical pigment that is accountable for the colour of turtles’ shells. So, a deficiency or lack thereof contributes to turtles using abnormal shell and skin colours such as red, yellow or orange.

People could not help but liken it into Many Different food items





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