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The old expression goes, “All it takes is one good idea to make it.” For Bob Regehr, it might be the one “big idea” that could alter his life. As a child most of us remember leaping in one of these inflatables in the fair or even a birthday celebration. But did you ever wonder who invented that the bounce house? Read a little further to learn.

Bob Regehr grew up on a farm nearby Hutchinson, Kansas where courses of hard work have been a regular event. Bob could choose the work ethic he learned on the farm on his many ventures. As a boy, Bob loved automobiles and has been fascinated with all the layouts and moving quickly. When he had been 14 years old, he obtained his first car, a 1940 Mercury. Bob had a crazy lacquered two -tone green paint project Merc using a habit tuck and roll interior. His buddies called the automobile as “The Easter Egg.” Bob fulfilled his spouse Judy in the vehicle. If you inquire his son Jeff, he declares that he was conceived in this vehicle. Bob never offered that first vehicle. In reality, Bob never offered some of his automobiles, and also the Merc it’s still part of this group.

Bob was constantly seeking to earn a fortune and headed to Denver, Colorado and tried his hand in promoting Fords in a dealership. Bob believed selling Ford automobiles could be simple, but he discovered that being a salesman was not the occupation he was searching for. Bob headed back to Hutchinson, Kansas and began a full-service Texaco gas channel. The gas channels not only provided a fantastic earnings, but a steady flow of amazing cars. The income in the petrol channel began fueling Bob’s automobile hobby. Having the gasoline station was similar to using a rolling vehicle show daily. Bob would frequently attempt to purchase cars he serviced in the channel. One of these cars was that the 1953 Buick Skylark convertible which will be sold in the forthcoming October 24th auction. The proprietor was a lady who had been a regular in the channel. Quite frequently, Bob would request to purchase the car and she constantly stated, “No.” One afternoon she stopped by the station and advised Bob she had sold the vehicle. Bob has been decided to have the Buick and monitored down the car Hemmings Motor News and finally purchased the vehicle. The automobile is at the group using less than 50,000 miles on it.

Bob and Judy’s business grew as did the household. Four children whatsoever: Tracy, Kelly, Jeff, and Kristin. It had been observing his son Tracy clinic pole vaulting that Bob came upon this one “good idea” that could alter his life. Bob had the notion of placing a dome over a trampoline so children could jump indoors. Bob took his thought and model into the 1968 Chicago World’s Fair and christened it the “Moon Walk.” It was the hit of the series. Bob billed 25 pennies per child to leap in his “Moon-Walk.” When Bob realized he had made $1000 per day, he understood he had a hit. Bob obtained an order for 2 of his “Moon-Walks” and contracted a company in Wichita to create the initial 2 units bringing his idea to life. He attracted them into the client expecting for $600 each. The sale exceeded his wildest fantasies withdrawing $6000 each. That large idea began his successful venture. Bob traveled and sold “The Original Moon-Walk” bounce home into carnivals alongside the match most of us recall, attempting to scale which wiggly ladder to ring a bell. The “Moon-Walk” became a massive hit adored by everyone throughout the world. This one “good idea” gave Bob that the money to purchase more cars and various real estate ventures to keep them.

1932 Fords were Bob’s fire, and he’d buy up as many as he might find. That purchasing spree also pertained with almost any automobile he, well,  only enjoyed. Bob was a private individual and purchased the cars and set them in buildings and seldom revealed his collection outside of a couple of close friends. The Auction will be one of the earliest times that people will see the set in over 40 years. Luckily, Bob will be the children wax and wash them although not a lot of people saw them. The children remember he would inform them“Hey, don’t sweat on the chrome.” That hard work ethic was set up in most of the children and Bob desired to ensure they knew the way to get the job done. They were his small employees.

Bob Regehr marketed the “Moon-Walk” business for his brother, and also the money fueled his passion for old cars. Bob started substituting buying automobiles, going on automobile purchasing excursions and attending swap meets. The 1932 Ford Hi-Boy hotrod which is going to be sold was utilized on several excursions as well as moved to Pikes Peak. If you watched Bob, you’d never know he had an assortment to envy. When Bob’s spouse passed away it appeared to remove a part of their joy of this collecting. Kelly, his daughter, arrived to look after her father and his business.

In 2009 the group was included in Hotrod magazine and the entire world got their first glimpse of this Bob Regehr Collection. At that time, it had been comprised of over 200 vehicles which had been tucked away for over 30 years. Bob’s health was failing, and he began to independently sell the automobiles. Kelly plus a buddy sold several, but it was a close purchase of a 1932 he said, “that was enough” and advised Kelly to carry him home. He advised Kelly to maintain a auction after he passed away since he could not stand to see some more of those cars depart. They shut the doors until Bob passed off.

Following their dad’s wishes, the family will sell the whole collection at auction October 24, 2020 in the Kansas State Fairgrounds at Hutchinson, Kansas. It are the primary time in over 40 years the public will be able to find this personal individual’s amazing collection. This Kansas “barn find” has approx. 140 American classics, components, and much more. The collection has everything from Corvettes, Tri-Five Chevrolets such as Nomads, Camaros and Cadillacs. The group, clearly, has 1932 Fords, Bob’s favorite. The group of nearly 20 – 1932 Fords. There are 1932 sedans, coupe, cabriolet, as well as two, 1 884 made, 1932 B400 2dr. Sedan convertibles which were embassy cars abroad. There are lots of’30s and’40s Fords from the group. The set is a group of restored automobiles, many automobiles that are original, and also jobs. Of class, together with any large group, there’s an range of early Ford components too.

VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC will probably be selling the Regehr collection in the fairgrounds at a LIVE ONSITE auction with online bidding. There are a record of this seldom seen set on October 23, 2020 from 10 into 6PM. The auction begins at 9AM on October 24, 2020 beginning with a Model A’s and those fabulous 1932 Fords and much more amazing American classics. An variety of components will probably be following the automobiles for onsite endorsements. This is an wonderful collection and you won’t need to miss your opportunity to purchase part of this “Moon-Walk” Collection.

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For a complete catalog, video, and more information www.vanderbrinkauctions.com or Call VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC in 605-201-7005. Plan today to attend this wonderful auction and keep in mind, “don’t sweat on the chrome.”

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