DO BETTER: Gervonta Davis Rep. Responds To Hit & Run Allegations With “No Comment”

Ashley Hendricks November 5, 2020 5 No Comments

DO BETTER: Gervonta Davis Rep. Responds To Hit & Run Allegations With “No Comment”

Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics. Net

Gervonta Davis is living the high life after his pay-per-view introduction this last weekend, where he finished the fight with a enormous knockout. He couldn’t have envisioned a better result to reveal he really is the celebrity he and Floyd Mayweather think he is.

But beyond this ring, his activities are constantly in question, together with suits being thrown his manner left and right–Even more so after before this season, when footage of him dragging the mother of his child surfaced online. Then, over the 2 months that followedhe obtained a set of suits One for supposedly attempting to pay for his new jewelry with a fake check, and another is by a guy claiming Davis broke his hand within an incident.

It’s safe to mention the guy’s decision-making is really dreadful, in the outside looking in. Now, based on TMZ, Gervonta has been connected into a hit and run in Baltimore and issuing the wildest answer you can envision.

Local reports from Baltimore state the vehicle is a Lamborghini Urus, a very costly SUV. There is footage of Davis driving off at a tricked out Urus without a tags following his success Leo Santa Cruz on Saturday.

When cops arrived at the scene, the car responsible for the crash had returned even though several individuals sustaining injuries from the mess.

Gervonta’s agents official reply was only, “no comment.” Looks fairly bad once you think about that Gervonta was hosting his own birthday party in a club under a mile away in the crash. Police will not name him as a defendant right now, but it is looking fairly clear which direction they’re leaning.

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