Chips Ahoy! And Sour Patch Kids Have Teamed Up To Create The Sweetest Cookies

Jake Levins April 26, 2020 19 No Comments

Chips Ahoy! And Sour Patch Kids Have Teamed Up To Create The Sweetest Cookies

Mixing candies and biscuits together usually generates undeniably delectable treats. But the candy that normally get blended in with all the dough are typically sweet, such as chocolate chip, sugar and even peanut butter. Not tangy treats such as Sour Patch Kids or Skittles. But a great deal of odd things are occurring this season, so is the occurrence of this Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids biscuits really that shocking?

Instagram accounts @junkfoodleaks_ first blew the whistle about this being in the functions December 2019. This shocking growth had a good deal of folks hitting the panic button as the mix goes against the normal order of cookie cutter combos. But seemingly, nothing on earth could have stopped it. Not even the pandemic. Because it is finally here and it is as curious as its name implies!




The brand new Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids biscuits offers an intriguing mix of tastes

Several bite sleuths on Instagram have found the Chips Ahoy! Biscuits aren’t any longer a notion but a curious reality. Needless to state, it has captured everyone off-guard. And the responses are fairly intriguing. Some voiced their enthusiasm towards attempting the whacky biscuits like @dadbodsnacks and @candyhunting. But @junkfoodbanter was upfront with his disbelief which Chips Ahoy! Really went through with the idea.



But let us get real — attempting new things at least once is what makes life enjoyable. So we are more than prepared to catch a bunch of them off the shelf once we can and check it out to preference if it is a hit or miss. I mean… has Chips Ahoy! Ever churned out a bad batch of biscuits ever in its foundation? Will this split their deliciousness chain? Will the sour taste of the candy overpower the cookie sweet taste? Or has Chips Ahoy! Figured out how to balance them? The only method to allow us to find out is simply using a bite of one of them Sour Patch Kids biscuits )


It’s slowly trickling into the marketplace as we talk


“This is not your average cookie.”

We might need to wait for a bit more time to fix the taste puzzle but @candyfunhouse has already tried them. And based on this accounts, the Chips Ahoy! Biscuits includes of this iconic chocolate chip cookie with balls and bits of this tangy candy blended in. In reality, the general look of the biscuits reminds us a lot of fruit cake or biscuits with M&Ms, for some reason…



The sour and sweet cookie combination will formally be available nationally by May. However, they have allegedly been seen in a number Dollar Tree locations. So if you are itching to taste for yourself exactly what @candyfunhouse is speaking about, plan a excursion today. Each 226gram pack will set you back just $3. These biscuits are indicated as a limited edition offering, which means you’d best grab a bunch before it disappears!

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