Celebrate Halloween With A Black Ceramic Tree Topped With A Spooky Pumpkin

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Celebrate Halloween With A Black Ceramic Tree Topped With A Spooky Pumpkin

We’ve got a couple of weeks to wait until we could slip straight in to our witchy or ghoulish alter egos. But that does not mean we have got to wait till autumn to begin searching for Halloween goodies and additions to our décor collection. After all, who wants to get trapped in the middle of this yearly spooky season buying pandemonium? And if you are trying to add something timeless, unusual and fun to your Halloween setup this season, this black porcelain tree just may be up your street!

Ceramic Christmas trees hauled into the décor scene from your 1970’s. So you may remember seeing them on your grandparents’ or parents’ vacation set ups when you’re growing up. This ceramic holiday décor’s fame took a little dip for many decades, but it is apparent that it is reclaiming its place for a vacation décor must-have! Last year, Michael’s published a Halloween-coloured ceramic tree and it sold out quicker than you can say ‘Happy haunting!’. So it was good thing which Amazon stepped up and provided a comparable piece in the shape of RJ Legend’s tree.

RJ Legend


This black porcelain tree comes equipped with fairly, multi-colored LED lights

Festive ceramic trees are magnificent. But this black tree is definitely something different. It stands 15 inches tall and comes topped with an adorably spooky Jack-O-Lantern. Its glistening jet-black complete offers a fantastic background for the 50 orange and purple LED beads which decorate the tree. The ceramic tree is encouraged through an orange base decorated with candy corn pieces, two little Jack-O-Lanterns along with the legendary ‘Trick or treat’ phrase.

Getting this shrub to light up is relatively simple. All you will need are AAA batteries. The tree includes an automatic on purpose, therefore it is going to remain on for up to 6 hours and then remain away for approximately 18 hours by itself. This manner, you do not need to be concerned about manually turning it off each moment! If that is not neat, I do not know what’s.

black ceramic tree

RJ Legend


It’s got magical Jack-O-Lanterns


jack-o-lantern tree topper

RJ Legend


orange base of the black halloween tree

RJ Legend


And they are in 2 dimensions

15 and 9 inch black ceramic trees

RJ Legend


Light up your Halloween with this ceramic tree


“The RJ Legend Halloween Tree is a timeless Halloween decoration that you simply must have! Made from the finest ceramic, hand-painted, and hand-crafted with extra attention to detail, this pre-lit tree will transform your home, preserving that cozy atmosphere and bringing the spooky factor without the additional expense!”

simulation image for the black ceramic tree

RJ Legend

This 15-inch porcelain tree sells for $69. 99 on Amazon Prime. RJ Legend also supplies a 9-inch edition, but it is currently unavailable. Either manner, these Halloween-coloured ceramic trees are ideal for people who are searching for unique pieces to add to their seasonal décor collection. It’s especially ideal if you are opting to get a Nightmare Before Christmas theme! ) Get it here.

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