Air Leaks: 5 Ways A/C Escapes Your Home

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If you are uncomfortable
in your house and altering the thermostat does not help, it might be on account of those five sources of air leaks.

Rustic fireplace with shiplap surround
Your fireplace’s flue ought to be shut when a flame is not burning.

1. ) The Fireplace

During cold
weather, you open the chimney flue so smoke and carbon dioxide may escape via the chimney. But it’s easy to forget to shut the flue during hot weather.  

And when the
flue is open, air will immediately leak from the house along with your energy bill is going to have a substantial spike.

If that you get a
traditional throat damper, poke your head in the fireplace — supposing it
has not been used for weeks and it is safe to do so! — and then shine a flashlight around the damper. If there is a barrier, the flue is closed. If you can view in the
flue, it is open.

should you’ve got a top-mount damper, catch a few flashes, head out and revolve around the chimney to confirm the vents are closed.

In either
instance, if the flue is open, close it instantly to create your house energy

Hail damage on a roof
Asphalt roofs may take a beating against rain, snow and hail. You might want to substitute the shingles or perhaps the whole roof.

2. The Roof

The roof’s
state has a significant effect on your relaxation — after all, it is the nearest thing to sunlight, and it takes the biggest beating from snow, rain, leaves and limbs.

It’s important
to regularly assess the roof for damage, either from the outside and indoors.

First, closely climb a ladder and walk to the roof to test for curling, cracked or weathered shingles,
and make repairs or replacements as necessary.

Then, see the loft and analyze the roof. If you visit sun, that is not the one thing
which may enter the house. So can broadcast, snow, rain, debris and leaves.   

You can spot a few bad places, but widespread roof issues may lead to structural damage. And
recall: Roofs do not last forever — an asphalt shingle roof could persist 20
to 30 years. If yours is considerably older than this, it is probably time to replace

Metal roofing is an increasingly common alternative for asphalt. It comes in different styles and colours to match any home’s structure, and Oftentimes, contractors can put it on top of asphalt.  

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