5 Concrete DIY Projects into Tackle Today (So Simple! ) )

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5 Concrete DIY Projects to Tackle Today (So Simple!)

Creating something along with your own two hands is obviously unique, while it’s structural, operational or enriches your home decoration. These concrete DIY jobs are quick, easy and economical to handle.

A leaning fence has structural problems, but they are readily solved using a suitcase of Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete.

1. ) Leaning Fence Solution

A weapon which excels or sags is problematic for two reasons. First, it simplifies the weapon’s function; secondly, it is just unsightly.

Leaning fences normally seem much worse than they’re — the reason is frequently erroneous anchoring or lacking sufficient structural support.

Either manner, learning how to repair a leaning fence article is simple. You simply require some Fast-Setting Concrete, structure screws and fundamental tools to tear it out.

And which leads us into the very first of our tangible DIY jobs which it is possible to handle now.

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DIY basketball goal project, newly installed, using Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix
You can pour a concrete foundation to the basketball goal and begin shooting hoops the following moment.

2. Basketball Hoop Post

Most communities have people basketball courts, but would not it be good to have a personal location to take hoops?

Installing an in-ground basketball target is simple, fast and reasonably priced. For this concrete DIY job, you simply have to buy a 10-foot basketball hoop — that usually includes the pole — and also have some Fast-Setting Concrete available.

Before that you understand it, you are going to be performing layups and getting some fantastic exercise. And the target’s post is going to have a strong base, so it is going to endure for several years to come.

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Air conditioner unit resting on a concrete pad
This concrete pad to the heating and cooling system keeps the unit running efficiently.

3. AC Condenser Pad 

The cement slab, or pad, your heating system and cooling system’s condenser unit sits on is not only there for the show. It includes a particular, important role.

The condenser unit vibrates if it is running, so the ac condenser pad gives a safe, stable home. This would not be true if the device sat on the floor, with shifting and settling dirt.

A secure home for your condenser unit will help prolong its lifetime — and assist your family budget.

If that your AC condenser does not have somewhere to sit, it is unquestionably one of the tangible DIY jobs you should tackle now.

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Concrete fire bowl with polished stones from the dollar store inside
This tabletop concrete fire bowl is also an economical option to a full size flame pit.

4. ) Concrete Fire Bowl

Nothing defeats spending the day with friends around a fire pit, enjoying beverages or roasting marshmallows. But that you can get the exact same type of ambiance and fellowship on a smaller scale too.

Just make a tabletop fire bowl which looks good on any patio. All you will need for this DIY job is some Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix — a 50-lb bag costs about $6 — and free moment. You likely have everything else available.

Best of all? You’ll have lots of concrete mixture left over to make more jobs — and in a fraction of the price in the event that you bought them in a big-box shop!

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Gold concrete coaster
You can create this golden, glam coaster out of only one bag of Quikrete concrete mixture.

5. ) Custom Coasters

You’ve worked hard to obtain your furniture and likely spent a small fortune — therefore it is important to safeguard it. Placing beverages on wooden surfaces may lead to discoloration, scratches and water stains.

While you can buy a 10-package of coasters out of Amazon, those mass-produced products likely won’t have a lot of character. Instead, produce some DIY coasters together with Fast-Setting Concrete Mix and a spray paint.

Then, you will have an appealing, one-of-a-kind conversation piece that protects your furniture and shows off your own personal style.

And with that, here is the final of our tangible DIY jobs you need to handle now.

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What are you made out of concrete? Share your endeavors from the comments!

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