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BLACKPINK turned into a k-pop feeling with their record-breaking videos and loudly collaboration. But that are Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose behind the scenes and is there a place for love in their own lives?

Lisa was born since Pranpriya Manoban, and she’s the youngest in the category. Starting as a dancer, she was able to become the sole Thai trainee of YG Entertainment, and later the lead rapper and chief dancer of BLACKPINK. Lisa gets the largest Instagram fan base amongst K-pop celebrities – nearly twelve million million followers! Lisa became the brand new brand ambassador for the Italian luxury brand Bulgari. Lisa is buddies with BTS’ youngest member Jungkook, therefore it is no wonder lovers ship them. However, the celebrity shared that she prefers older men.

Jisoo or Chi Choo includes a great deal of endorsement gigs within her portfolio. As YG trainee she starred in commercials and music videos of additional k-pop artists. Jisoo is BLACKPINK’s lead vocalist and Dior’s local manufacturer ambassador and muse. She includes a unique sense of humor, enjoys balancing objects on her body components and adores Pikachu. While Jisoo is allegedly only as a result of strict principles of her tag, fans send her Taehyung out of BTS.

Rosé was created in New Zealand and raised Australia. She was a cheerleader and play in church choirs, but fortunately she became the fourth largest player of BLACKPINK. Rosé’s unique delicate voice made her second principal vocalist, and she is the one who claws those high notes. And as YG Entertainment declared this year we will see Rosé as a solo performer, also. Rosé has made headlines since the new worldwide ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent by Anthony Vacarello. As for guys, the celebrity is thinking about someone with exceptional voice, and now the men from BIGBANG stand out the most for her.

Jennie aka Jendeukie aka Nini is the unofficial leader of this group. Rapper and also badass on point, she’s a really dedicated decision-maker. Besides BLACKPINK, Jennie established a solo career. Due for her expensive taste, she’s called “YG Princess” or “Human Gucci,” or “Human Chanel”. Yes, at 2018 Jenny became the worldwide ambassador of all Chanel, and that she actually deserved this! Akso, Jennie is a legitimate cop who broke the rigorous principles of this k-pop business with her official connection. Jennie utilized thus far EXO’s singer Kai, however they awakened in January 2019.

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